Earlier this week, Drew Brees announced that he was going to a "top-secret location" to film a commercial for PointsBet. Then this video came out that shows Brees getting ready to shoot a commercial in harsh weather conditions, when it looks like he was struck by lightening...
Loading Twitter Embed.... Spidey senses are tingling on this one and I would BET that a "Lightening can strike at anytime" campaign is on the way, no?
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The lightning must’ve thought I was wearing a Falcons jersey, that’s why it tried to get me. I’m fine…Who Dat!

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Play_Neck15 months
I've been nearly (within 5-10 feet) struck by lightning twice. The boom from that shite is so loud. Nothing like this video.
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deuce98515 months
Better question is who the f films out in a major storm like that? This is obviously fake for that reason alone.
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wallowinit15 months
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G I Jeaux15 months
His granddads sending a message
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eddieray15 months
I think it’s real. You can see the mark it left n his face
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Bige1115 months
Does look fake to me. Whoa.
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BobABooey15 months
Thunder before lightning?
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Solo Cam15 months
Hm. It kind of has to be real or the negativity publicity from this being fake is going to be brutal.
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Hangit15 months
It was all a trick, done with lighting, mirrors, and pyro.
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RazzleDazzle15 months
This is crazy? Why would they do a sick prank? Am I missing something?
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HonoraryCoonass15 months
To create a buzz, and to get people to Google, and watch their commercial. Duh.
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JackieTreehorn15 months
That will definitely take him to his knees.
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