Deion Sanders ain't messing around in Colorado. On Wednesday, he kicked a Buffaloes football player out of practice for wearing white socks...
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Zzyzx13 months
Racist, why can’t the socks be white
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Texas Weazel13 months
Is he wearing a girls coat?
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drexyl13 months
It's hilarious how fetishized this type of "discipline" is. It's clearly staged by the way. Even if it were real you have to mirror the right behavior not come strolling into the gym with sunglasses on and a pimp fur coat. is that weight room attire?
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Harry Rex Vonner13 months
Ironic since Deion as a player demanded minor league baseball uniform preference over other more senior players, refused to run to first base after hitting popups and labeled the coaching he got to stop the entitled BS as "back to the days of slavery."
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UFMatt13 months
I like it, a little discipline!
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TouchdownTony13 months
Old School. I love it. coach , I run things. You the player, do not. This is not a democracy. You do two things. What I tell you to do and what I allow you to do.
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Sevensblue13 months
Haha coach jimmy Johnson was the man! Love that saying
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Kankles13 months
Just stopping by the weight room on his way to the Player Haters Ball
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KennabraTiger13 months
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
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RolltidePA13 months
This is the best thing I've read in days.
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SomeLSUguy13 months
Please excuse me while I go and put water in Buck Nasty's momma's bowl.
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TygerDurden13 months
Just amazing how all of these Coach Prime incidents of him being a disciplinarian are on video….,If you didn’t know better…
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cajunmud13 months
Creating Content

"You ready...take 1...ACTION!"
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jp4lsu13 months
I like this. Force them to pay attention, listen, follow directions, and catch the small things and follow thru on the small things.
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Spelt it rong13 months
.....or tell him to put on white socks so he can roll that camera and tell him to GTFO. Remember, it's always "Prime Time" with Prime.
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roguetiger1513 months
Instilling attention to detail and accountability. I like it
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grizzlylongcut13 months
Can’t wait for him to fail so we don’t have to get bombarded with his idiocy.
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DeafVallyBatnR13 months
It is not idiocy it is called following directions. It's called o am your Daddy and you are going to listen. It is called I am the Boss and you are going to listen.
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jpainter617413 months
Or it’s called “hey west the wrong socks so we can make a video”
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GreatLakesTiger2413 months
this isn't idiocy
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