Just because Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in college football, doesn't mean he doesn't cut his own lawn. According to Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde, the Michigan Wolverines head coach actually loves it...

"New: Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh ranks among the richest Americans who mow their own lawns. And he wants to know why the youth of America isn't out there with him cutting the grass. "Mowing the lawn is one of the great feelings I have in life.”
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EulerRules11 months
I could grow to like this guy.
I had a coronary bypass after widow-maker blocked at a young age.
Doc: Walk the neighborhood or treadmill.
Me: Thanks for the advice, but I'll mow my 3 acres with a walk behind mower.
After 17 years I tore a ligament in my foot, so now I ZT it. But I still have my walk behind...trimmer, Stihl chain saw, and long-handled log splitter.
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6R1211 months
Les ate the grass one leaf at a time. Took much longer thou.
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SuperOcean11 months
Moved into neighborhood and got a "you aren't going to hire so/ maintain your yard?"
I agree with Jim. There is instant gratification in cutting grass and edging/hedging...and I like having the tools
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ThatTahoeOverThere11 months
And he picks his own nose
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VoxDawg11 months
He may not have a CFP semi win, but at least he has his lawnmower.
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LSUvet7211 months
Ice cold beer and the smell of fresh cut grass....and "Do It My Way" the right way !
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KAGTASTIC11 months
It is when it's a big enough lawn to make it an actual task to enjoy. Not many kids he is dealing with have that luxury, IF they have a family lawn at all. Many live in apts, where they get use to not having to do much at all home upkeep wise.
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Yammie250F11 months
With the headphones in listening to music, beer in the cup holder and no other distractions while mowing is a wonderful feeling.
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Rex Feral11 months
Even better feeling than winning a playoff game.
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BestBanker11 months
He's right, you know.
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ncinthenext311 months
Jim's a strange ranger, but I have to agree with him.
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weptiger11 months
I agree with him. Great feeling and sense of accomplishment.
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soccerfüt11 months
I agree with him but he probably mows in his Dockers pleated front Khakis. I go shorts as the swamp arse monster is real here in the lower South.
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BatonRougeBuckeye11 months
This man is a tool but he's right about this. Mow your own damn lawn!
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Fightin Okra11 months
It can suck on a hot day but the satisfaction of a great-looking lawn and cold beer once the task is done is a great thing.
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PureBlood11 months
Cold beer is a must.
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