Check Out How This Warriors Fan Sbuck His Way Into 30 Games Of Courtside Seats For $3
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So, this Golden State Warriors fan schemed up an amazing plan to sit courtside for a mere three bucks and wounded up doing so for 30 games. Brilliant...

I was doing this method all season, but i didn't start documenting what i was doing until February so thats where this video starts. I sat courtside at 29 games this season and went to 32 games overall. Joe Lacob & Bob Myers, if you're reading this, i'm sorry im just a real Warriors fan that wanted to see my favorite team so please don't press charges. ALSO big shout out to the REAL MVP the rich mf'er who had season tickets to the 2 seats i sat in every game and only showed up to like 4 games the entire season I APPRECIATE YOU! Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about the whole process of how i did this. This was for entertainment purposes only, do not try this unless you're willing to face the consequences if caught.

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"I committed fraud and stole from the NBA but it's ok if I tell them how big a fan I am because I did not pay the money I should have to sit in those seats simply because someone else didn't show up." Why would you post a video of this? MORON!
Reply16 days
I went to the LSU/Bama championship game for free. Got a job as security. Once inside, I quit and put my lsu jersey on and found an empty seat. After the game I wish I just stayed working and made the $100.
Reply18 days
I've done this before with the print out tickets you used to get from seatgeek to Pelican/Hornet games. I would use MS Paint and change the section from 300something to 100something. It worked every time. Only person you have to fool is the usher for that section. There were always enough empty seats to where I never worried about the row or seat number.
Reply24 days
I hope they pressed charges on his fat ass
Reply25 days
Dude you don’t have to say courtside every other word
Reply25 days
He doesn’t miss many meals.
Reply25 days
what a complete attention whore moron
Reply25 days
So this guy traded a lifetime of courtside seats for 5 minutes of fame to tell everybody how smart he was. Dummy.
Reply25 days
I assume he has to get the standing room ticket to the actual game before photoshopping. How else does he get scanned in? There’s gotta be a barcode, yeah?
Reply25 days
I think he bar codes through the correct gate then he just walks down with his ticket cause all they do is look at ticket at that point. I guess.
25 days
You didn't sneak in, you committed fraud. And you did it 30 something times which is 30 something individual charges and you made it easy because you documented the evidence.
Reply25 days
Fat idiot, why mess up something so good? These Millennials snitch on themselves lol.
Reply25 days
it was the final season in the arena
25 days
lmao, this is GOAT shite. except for incriminating himself!
Reply25 days
“He wounded up doing so”?
Reply25 days
Sbuck? Jesus, Larry. How in the frick are you still employed?
Reply25 days
Smart move telling on yaself kid. Guess you'll be watching from the couch next season.
Reply25 days
Guessing he's fine with that now that the Lakers are West favorites
25 days
Kys larry i fricking hate you
Reply25 days
Reply25 days
Awesome felony! That dude gonna be popular in prison
Reply25 days
Can we get a TL:DR Larry?
Reply25 days
fat kid photoshops tickets to get into floor seats to Warriors games and snitches on himself in the process.
25 days
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