On Tuesday, New York Yankees lefty Nestor Cortes fell victim to one of the new MLB rules to speed up the game. Watch as he's issued an automatic ball for not establishing eye contact with the batter before pitching...
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Rambler12 months
So, what happens to the batter if he doesn't make eye contact with the pitcher?
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KAGTASTIC13 months
Stupid freaking rules like aren't going to bring back fans that have walked away. What's next??...the catcher can't shite talk the batter anymore?? Pathetic
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ImBatman13 months
Establish eye contact with the batter. So gay!
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EulerRules13 months
What next? The pitcher is gonna have to throw the batter a kiss, and then ask for permission?
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atltiger648713 months
ridiculous. Pitcher should be allowed to pitch whenever he's ready. It's the batter's responsibility to be ready at all times. Speed the damn game up!!
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Deplorable Duke13 months
Nobody watches MLB anymore anyway, so let’s piss off the few remaining fans by adding and enforcing some idiotic rule changes. LOL!
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bengalman13 months
It appears the umpire wasn't ready for the pitch. His arse shouldn't be behind the plate. Gets a bad grade instantly!
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Woodlands Tigah13 months
Next up, Umpires issuing balls for using wrong pronouns!
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RidiculousHype13 months
Speed up rules. Guy speeds up. No, not like that!
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grizzlylongcut13 months
Umpires are the biggest pussies in sports.
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Tiger198813 months
The umpire enforces the rules, they don’t make them. Complain to the competition committee and owners.

I BEG you to go umpire, even little league, for a year where you’re getting paid, then come back and post garbage like this.
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jp4lsu13 months
I don't know man, if you are in the box you have to be ready. So what if the batter spends 8 seconds to get ready, the pitcher cant pitch till the batter looks at him. Then the pitcher gets put on the clock because of a slow batter in the box.
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TDFreak13 months
Guy keeps his head down excessively long, feels like college defenses laying on ball carrier of a HUNH offensive. I thought MLB wanted to speed the game up.
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Will Cover13 months
MLB is really trying to f up their game even more. Stupid rule.
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