LSU safety Michael Daugherty plans to enter the NCAA transfer portal, he announced over the weekend.

The 2023 four-star recruit from Loganville, Ga., was an early enrollee with the Tigers.

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LSUvet7214 months
Prime having a giant sucking effect up to Mountain High area.
user avatar
jawnybnsc14 months
He gonna go play for Corch Prime!
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Flashback14 months
Someone should have proofread that for him. Maybe someone did...
user avatar
eddieray14 months
Value all the memories you’ve made here Michael
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RightWingTiger14 months
Kids barely literate. Now It seems obvious why he's having to transfer.
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pilsnerpusher14 months
You guys are being too hard on the kid. He didn't make this decision lightly. I mean there was a carful of consideration. Do you people have any idea how much consideration it takes to fill a whole car?
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cypresstiger14 months
Respeck his disissshun
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jpainter617414 months
Probably something internal and was told to look else where if I had to guess.
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TouchdownTony14 months
Wait, wait…he didn’t even go through spring? Dude. Wth? We are transferring now after 4 weeks?
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Bucky_B14 months
was too far away from his dealer...i mean family
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denvertiger14 months
Memories? Did he say he values the memories? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard out of one of these 'respect my decision' tweets and that is saying a lot.
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Mister Ice14 months
“traits of excellence”
“That help mold me”
“I thank to God”
Equals ebonics
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pitchandcatch2714 months
BS comes in many different forms.
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ErnMcCracken14 months
never heard of him
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BassMan6314 months
No need to leave a message. Just carry your happy arse on down the road.
user avatar
Old Money14 months
user avatar
theBru14 months
That commitment didn't age well!
user avatar
HarveyTunnel14 months
Just play the game and leave the hot air for the popcorn.
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SkintBack14 months
In Marine Corps bootcamp I wanted to quit everyday, but they wouldn't let me. At some point I turned the corner and said naw, I'm not folding that easy. Best thing ever happened to me. These kids have a built in way to quit, its a shame.
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Lasted a month longer than Seth Stewart did I guess.
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NPComb14 months
"Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"
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