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LSU President King Alexander confirmed the report to Stephanie Riegel of the Baton Rouge Business Report, that he met with AD Joe Alleva, and several members of the LSU Board of Supervisors during the LSU-Texas A&M game to make the decision to keep Les Miles.

Alexander added that the decision had “pretty much been made” a few days earlier and acknowledges that Miles’ $15 million buyout factored heavily into the decision.

“After the type of budget battle we went through this past spring we certainly do not need to be throwing tens of millions of dollars around under certain circumstances,” he says. “We don’t need to go into the next legislative session with a black eye that we’re throwing tens of millions of dollars around on issues that aren’t associated with academic progress.”
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What these douchebags refuse to understand is the football program is the lifeblood of the university. Its the face of LSU nationwide, it brings money in to support the school. it motivates boosters and alums to give back to the school. It attracts students to come to LSU. All these new buildings in and around LSU are directly related to the success of football in the last 15 years.
The football program makes everything else better.
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Tchefuncte Tiger101 months
Alexander's going nowhere and he actually put the needs of the university over those of the athletic department. Good for him.
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Doyle McPoyle101 months
If I'm on TAF, I lobby to have TAF not donate a cent to university this year and send a message to this arse bag.
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Placebeaux101 months
Herp Derp
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Meldedee101 months
YOU weren't throwing any money, Mr. Alexander. BOOSTERS were the ones spending the money.
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GeauxToBed101 months
F'King Alexander has now embarrassed the university and state twice at the national level. He needs to go. Now.
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Broyota2101 months
Wait so TAF gave the University 10+ million dollars because of the Universities financial problems. But Alexander comes out saying we don't need to be throwing around tens of millions of dollars on athletics right now. TAF should be able to do whatever in the hell they want after donating so much money to the school. Screw Alexander. Doesn't make much sense at all to me.
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diablo blanco101 months
I believe the football program is headed into a deep, dark tunnel. That beautiful, 102,000 seat stadium will have around 50,000 seats filled and Alleva and Alexander will not be held accountable when Coach Miles brings us a couple of 4-8 seasons.
Mark my words! You heard it here first.
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themunch101 months
Pull a Mizzu
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PanhandleTigah101 months
What? Did this idiot seriously say this publicly? *face palm*
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fr33manator101 months
So is the the President or the King? I'm confused.
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nol1wph101 months
You watch. Les may still be out sooner rather than later. It aint over yet...
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WeeWee101 months
King Alexander should have been fired at LSU after he played the scare tactic card and mentioned suspending LSU football due budget cuts. Maybe now ppl will start to see that the guy is a cancer and needs to GTFO.
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MattLSU101 months
I'm sorry, but this makes no sense. Absolutely none. Does this mean that a deal was never offered to Fisher? Because if a deal was on the table to Fisher, then an evaluation of the buyout would have been made well before hand. Contemplating the buyout would have been a integral part of the process of ever making an offer to Fisher or considering letting Miles walk, LSU was well past that. Contemplating the effects of a buyout after you've made an offer to Fisher and intimated to Les that he would no longer coach at LSU is utterly asinine, and if at all true makes LSU look more ridiculous than they already do. The entire ordeal paints LSU as an administation devoid of strong leadership. It's an embarrassment on all fronts.
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Chicken101 months
I am glad he admitted this because Alleva was taking the heat when it should have been this guy...
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topcat88101 months
All these clowns should be fired. They put a serious stain on the university. First of all how do these guys who collectively make millions of dollars allow this to happen. All of this should have been taken into consideration two weeks ago. How do you now foresee media backlash and fan support happening when the rumors first get cranked up. Even people on here could see that coming from a mile away.
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Lsukj101 months
Nothing like 2 weeks of public trashing by your boss's office, followed up by admission from school president that the only reason you are still employed is that the University was afraid of the public outcry for spending so much money to fire you.....Les' enthusiasm for his job must be through the roof now. What a f'king moron we have running the show..
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randybobandy101 months
f king idiot. If this was true, keep your mouth shut........
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Catman88101 months
"Well he has 1 year to right the ship. That 15 million become 12 on January 1 2016"

Sounds more like we would have to live out the life of the Miles contract to me or until Alexander is fired.
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Louisianaboy87101 months
Well he has 1 year to right the ship. That 15 million become 12 on January 1 2016, and 1 year from that it becomes 9 million. I think all of this is being put in place for the end of next season.
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