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LSU sophomore offensive lineman Marcus Dumervil announced Tuesday that he is entering the NCAA transfer portal.

The Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. native was a highly recruited lineman in the 2020 signing class but didn't crack the starting lineup in three seasons at LSU.

He is the second LSU offensive lineman to enter the portal this cycle, joining Cam Wire.

Transfer Portal Tracker

Entered Transfer Portal:
S Derrick Davis Jr.
OT Cameron Wire
LB Kolbe Fields
TE Kole Taylor
LB Desmond Little
DB Raydarious Jones
WR Jack Bech
CB Damarius McGhee
LB Antoine Sampah*
LB Phillip Webb*
S Jordan Toles*

Note: Toles, Sampah and Webb left the team in August and were not listed on the roster this fall. Toles transferred to Morgan State in August.
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user avatar
Im4LSUnTN15 months
No problem seeing a kid stay at least 3 years with the school they signed with originally before choose I got to hit the portal with 2 more years of eligibility.
user avatar
Vernonbrew2215 months
Other guys came in and just had more than him. No shame in going elsewhere. Get your degree son
user avatar
BleedgurpleTX15 months
user avatar
TigerLord202015 months
Still has a shot at nfl
user avatar
Havoc15 months
Been here 3 seasons that’s more than many put in, wish him the best.
user avatar
Jester15 months
Best of luck to the young man unless he signs with a rival.
user avatar
Mr Happy15 months
He'll be first string somewhere. I don't blame him for not wanting to ride the bench for the rest of his college career.
user avatar
LSUmudman15 months
Well….if you can’t do….you should not stay….thank you Marcus for making room for somebody that can. I mean, what else can you say at this point?
user avatar
saint tiger22515 months
That you're a complete idiot. Then again, that's certainly stating the obvious.
user avatar
Robber DeNiro15 months
Forever a Tiger huh? ok.
user avatar
tigersquad8915 months
Unfortunate he never panned out here. Hopefully wherever he goes he gets a chance to play and chase his dreams. Best of luck to the kid.
user avatar
chRxis15 months
another one that just never did sorta pan out... came in highly rated, never really improved or developed, and got passed up by other, younger players... all the luck in the world to Marcus, we appreciate his time as a Tiger
user avatar
Areddishfish15 months
I mean short of injuries the OT position is occupied for the next two years. He just read the writing on the wall.
user avatar
BlackPot15 months
Forever LSU....but imma head out. LMAO
user avatar
Robber DeNiro15 months
Exactly but they don't see it
user avatar
RazzleDazzle15 months
Probably didn't even have a helmet
user avatar
PublixSubs15 months
Wish him well, but can someone please be original. So tired of “First and foremost” and/or “With that being said” It’s like these kids are just using a Transfer Portal Template.
user avatar
3PieceSpicy15 months
You old heads are cringe AF and never satisfied with anything. Get a life baw.
user avatar
saintslsupels15 months
“So Tired of….” What exactly? The transfer portal that started all of 2 years ago? Were you tired of the transfer portal when we got several starters last off season? The transfer portal makes good teams like us better, stop whining.
user avatar
Classy statement by Marcus. Wish him well and thanks for being a Tiger
user avatar
G I Jeaux15 months
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