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In case you missed it, Nebraska four-star linebacker commit Avery Roberts had an interesting tweet out LSU running back Leonard Fournette, saying that he would "...put him to sleep!" if they ever met on the football field.

The tweet was eventually deleted, but Fournette found out about it and sent Roberts the following personal message, which was screenshotted and tweeted out by the four-star prospect.

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Awesome move by Fournette by taking the high road and providing the young football player with some future advice.
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VerlanderBEAST96 months
Nothing to see just a harmless troll that got blown out of proportion and actually got acknowledged
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JOHNN96 months
Good to see he took the high road here but wouldnt have expected anything else with him. On another note, I havent read the comments yet so Im guessing the words "class or classy" has been used at least 15 times now. Anything less and TD posters are sleeping.
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The kid was pumped that LF7 even acknowledged him. Nothing to see here. Good luck to both.
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SabiDojo96 months
High road? Lol he called him "young boy". He might as well as called him a bitch. Dude just took it, too.
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namvet656696 months
Alt tiger. I know his grammar is not the best but he will earn more in his career than we will in a lifetime, and I have been blessed financially
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dabigfella96 months
so leonard fournette is jim brown now? WTF he doen callen him "young boy"
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atltiger648796 months
Grammar and spelling can be your friend, Leonard.
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colors_of_kings96 months
It's not an English test, its a message. Wut, u never use short wrds sumtimes when ur tryin to b chill?
user avatar
ffhouston96 months
Kings do king things...
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Mr. Hangover96 months
Someone get that boy down to BR for a victory lap this weekend
user avatar
OceanMan96 months
Young boy lol
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LSUtigers11196 months
Based on Fournette saying "boy I know it was a joke", you can tell that kid backed down heavily on what he said right before that.
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Quatre Pot96 months
Fournette- college "kid" showing grown men every where how to show class and be a gentleman.
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LSU CRAZY96 months
Class act # 7
user avatar
emanresu96 months
user avatar
tiggah198196 months
frick dear abby...dear buga taking over
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monsterballads96 months
Should have just ignored the "boy" IMO. The kid got the exposure he was looking for.
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lsu200696 months
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whodatfan96 months
I like LF7. I wish he knew grammar better. Sheesh.
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UptownnMike96 months
Yeah because he'll probably get a bad grade when he turns that tweet in....
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The Truth 3496 months
As Cardale would say, he ain't here to play school.
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Ignignot96 months
I wish your wife would quit texting me....Here's to hoping things change...
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LSUsuperfresh96 months
They do play old man football. It puts me to sleep as well.
user avatar
rpr469596 months
You just can't dislike Fournette lol
user avatar
topcat8896 months
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