Hot Mics At The Masters Caught Tiger Woods Yelling 'F*** off!' At His Ball On Thursday
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Tiger Woods got a little upset on the ninth hole at Augusta on Thursday and hot mics caught him dropping an f-bomb at his ball...
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PureBlood26 months
The louder you yell, the more the ball tends to listen.
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LSUfanNkaty26 months
It's science
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3down1026 months
user avatar
Damathe26 months
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LazloHollyfeld26 months
I like heel Tiger. He needs to make the full turn Hollywood Hogan style.
user avatar
LSUballs26 months
Tiger has most of the world rooting for him. Quite the opposite of a heel
user avatar
Timeoday26 months
Love how the announcers tell you everyone is pulling for him. Why are they trying to program us?
user avatar
TouchdownTony26 months
He's such an arrogant prick.
user avatar
Kankles26 months
Well, damn. Don’t ever go golfing with me then.
user avatar
Highheat26 months
Are you too good for your home?? Answer me!
user avatar
Mr Reese26 months
I don’t think he was talking to the ball. Right before he said it someone says good shot. I think it was directed towards a spectator.
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TerryDawg0326 months
I don't think he'd do that at the Masters, especially while hitting out of the gallery with several officials around.
user avatar
Skinny26 months
Spaulding! How many times do i have to tell you about your language!
user avatar
Mr. Hangover26 months
OMG!!! A celebrity said a bad word… grow the frick up america
user avatar
kkv7526 months
I can't clutch me pearls any tighter.
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