You never know what you're going to get in Las Vegas on or even near the tables...

Four women who were caught on camera in a vicious hair-pulling brawl at one of Las Vegas' most upscale hotels earlier this month were fighting over a married man.

The catfight between the scantily-clad women broke out a little before 6pm on July 9 at the Wynn, drawing a crowd of spectators and later going viral online.

A redacted police report has now revealed that the brawl broke out after a furious wife allegedly attacked her husband's lover and her friend at the five-star hotel.

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user avatar
FemaleTiger12 months
For a man? Just wow!
user avatar
APHA5 months
You would expect a man to do it over you.
user avatar
chinhoyang12 months
"One of the women brought a scooter in the hotel to fight."
user avatar
TigerCoon12 months
that's some big booties.
user avatar
Water Mocassin12 months
Looks like Northwestern hazing under Pat Fitzgerald.
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan12 months
Why is the first girl wearing underwear?
user avatar
CAD703X12 months
I keep waiting for James bond to walk by in his tuxedo holding a martini. Oh yeah, just more lies to promote a trash industry.
user avatar
imjustafatkid12 months
"Luxury" and "Las Vegas" just don't work in my head.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn12 months
Those fake kardashian implant asses look awful.
user avatar
Sevensblue12 months
Real queens we have here folks
user avatar
prplhze200012 months
Where is the brawl?
user avatar
Bayou Brat12 months
click bait on TD
user avatar
Tiger on the Rag12 months
Real sweet girls and pure as the snow
user avatar
PetroBabich12 months
The fighters and spectators don't appear to be upscale
user avatar
lsuohiofan12 months
Not a real bootie on all 4 of them.
user avatar
ImBatman12 months
user avatar
NOLATiger16312 months
Generally, pairing "Las Vegas" with "upscale" always has to be marked with an asterisk. Trashy people about to get trashy is an omnipresent risk--even at the Wynn, I've spent several days there, it was very nice, but here we are.
user avatar
BobABooey12 months
Good ol’ Sports Lite.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy12 months
Fascinating behavior
user avatar
AggieHank8612 months
Damn, that first woman is the poster child for clinical steatopygia
user avatar
LSUtoBOOT12 months
That dude must be one helluva good time.
user avatar
BigDropper12 months
I bet they fly Spirit Airlines.
user avatar
Squedunk12 months
No doubt!
user avatar
MasonTiger12 months
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