Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s son turned 16 years-old this week. So, of course he bought him a Mercedes. Per the Washington Post...

His son, Koraun, turned 16 and was gifted with a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, which goes for anywhere between $39,000 and more than $60,000. (Do you think Mayweather springs for the undercoating?) He shared a photo of the car and his son on Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday @KingKoraun Amir Mayweather. Love you, Champ.”

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Cheese Grits103 months
Is this on the Rant because he bought it at Saban's Mercedes dealership?
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4th and 1103 months
But can he read?
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DaveyDownerDawg103 months
Totally expected a Lambo or something absolutely absurd. Floyd actually showed a little restraint here. Should have bought the kid a used Prius though. That would have been awesome.
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Quidam65103 months
Floyd isn't very large so no surprise that his son would be small as well.

And I will give him this much--at least he's involved with his son unlike many dads in the A-A community.
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Laman1978103 months
Spoiled little shite.
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hogminer103 months
He spelled Koran wrong.
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Mouth103 months
are we going to address Floyd's jeans?
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rented mule103 months
I guess that makes up for beating the hell out of his mom.
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Gumbo1103 months
With the massive amount of money Mayweather has, a C-class Mercedes actually surprises me as being reasonable. When my sons make 16, I think I am buying them a $30K car. I do expect them to graduate with a decent 4 year degree before I chip in on another car.

I am not rich (not even comfortable by my personal standards) but I am comfortable with my numbers.
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LesGeaux45103 months
Kid is definitely 12. Looks like in addition to not being able to read, ole Floyd can't count either..
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LSU fan 246103 months
His son's 'sweet 16'? Wtf
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Vacherie Saint103 months
He will not only total it, but he will total it high while getting blown by a snow bunny.
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DownSouthDave103 months
I was expecting a lot more. That's pretty reasonable in my opinion, 60k is nothing to him.
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djangochained103 months
Looks like a baby
Nice ride for that kid, hope he gets lots of pusssy in that car
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atltiger6487103 months
Nice lesson you're teaching there, dad.
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Rebel Land Shark103 months
That's the youngest looking 16 year old I've seen
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MNCscripper103 months
Kid looks 13
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Hugo Stiglitz103 months
I hope it's a safe car for the kid's sake. Because he's going to total it.
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