With Saturday's 17-14 victory over Notre Dame, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day improved to 16-6 against ranked opponents. According to FOX College Football, that gives him the highest winning percentage (72.7) among all active college football head coaches...
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scrooster5 months
What's with the suckeye worship Larry? The B1G's ranked teams are not like others.
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Rex Feral5 months
That's not too bad considering the brain damage he has from the paint fumes in his beard.
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BlackPot5 months
They should have at least a 40-50 game minimum for this stat. I mean look at Saban's record. It shits on Day's.
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NOLATiger1635 months
With some teams arguably over-rated before and into the season, the useful stat would be record against teams that ENDED the season ranked. Beating a team that the poll voters like, but that turns out to be mediocre, isn't the same.
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Shaq4prez5 months
half of those 16 wins is against Iowa or Mich St. were they ranked #25 after beating Illinois, Nebraska and Rutgers
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chity5 months
That stat means nothing. Of course the top ranked teams are going to have a good record against ranked teams below them.

Do a ranking of coaches who have beat teams that were ranked higher than them. That would give you a better indication who the top coaches are.

Do a
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SPEEDY5 months
That Saban record over almost 150 games is crazy
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6R125 months
Honestly those are small numbers compared to sample size from Saban. That list is kind of silly after seeing how many he has won vs the others on the list. It's Saban for the win. Gotta give him credit.
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Timeoday5 months
Yep, Day plays in a real soft league.
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EthanHunt0075 months
Lol Lane Kiffin would have a similar record with Ryan Gay's schedule.
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atltiger64875 months
and Saban has been head coach at 4 different school, and had to rebuild each one. Day stepped into a far, far easier situation at Ohio State.
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Deltatiger5 months
Lincoln Riley having only 26 games against ranked opponents shows you just how weak the Big 12 was for years.
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LSUtiger895 months
Ryan Day has only had 22!!
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PeleofAnalytics5 months
Get handed the keys to a Ferrari when you first get your drivers license, you should win the vast majority of your drag races.
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