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Military falling short of it's recruiting goals. Why?

I submit that a big reason is that potential recruits and their family members do not want them to enlist or serve under this corrupt, weak minded, and woke administration. There is much less respect for Biden's military and the brass that he has installed. Who wants to go into harm's way or be cannon fodder for these idiots and their personal money making schemes? My baby girl is active duty Navy and my heart breaks that her CIC is a demented, corrupt, incompetent puppet and idiot. News link: LINK

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I don't have kids and I'm past draft age now. There's no way I'm signing up to defend this crap going on or would I ever allow my kids to do so

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Most of the country is too fat and gay and most who qualify recognize that the US federal government is the world's greatest evil

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I'm curious as to how many waivers they gave just to be short 15,000.

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They implemented a new system called genesis. It runs your whole medical history so you’re not able to lie anymore. Waivers also take forever

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This isn't just limited to this administration. This is the chickens coming home to roost from 30 years of politicizing the DoD starting in the Slick years and ramping up during the Obama presidency. CRT and alphabet indoctrination are pushing the patriotic, service-oriented kids that have been the lifeblood of recruiting for a century away from the military. The officer corps (and service academies) are embedded with anti-American, progressive Quislings. Vindman is a prime example. If he had pulled that 100 years ago he'd have been shot for treason. Now, he's rewarded for it.

The next President needs to clean out the entire flag ranks in every service. And that's just for starters.

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a generation of lies.
no wmds in Iraq.
no al quaida in Iraq until after we got there.
Saudi 9 11.
Afghanistan for 10 years.
and now an African command.
boku harem.
to say nothing of Putin.

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Join the military and be given orders by literal tranny-clowns. Possibly get to die making elites richer. Lol. Anybody signing up is a fool.

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Fedgov is a shite show, military is a shite show.

I have buddies still in telling me how they've been passed over for billets bc a minority female (who has no clue how to do the job) gets priority.

They've turned the military into a social experiment. Myself and all my vet buddies have said we will discourage our kids from joining.

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OP is correct.

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I think if you did a poll of young people who couldd join but are not and asked them, why not go, you would hear -

10 Percent talk about Woke Stuff

10 Percent talk about how they can't make it, bad health, etc.

and 80 Percent would say "Why join, there are no wars right now and I can make 80 grand working for the oil company offshore or with a trucking gig. I'd be crazy to joing".

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They've alienated their largest Soldier base with all of the diversity and inclusion BS, and all of the COVID stuff. Also, tempo is way too high and leaders are often very terrible at what they do and are only focused on their careers and not shaking the apple cart

I can't wait to get out
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Correct, as an OEF vet of the Army, shite started going downhill in 2012 when I got out after my last OEF deployment. I would never encourage my kids to serve under this fricked up Administration. It’ll only get worse as the years progress.
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I'm curious as to how many waivers they gave just to be short 15,000.

They were handing out waivers at MEPS like candy during the surge, including felony waivers. They’re doing everything they can to get people in at this point.

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I have a relative who just went into the Army. He’s a good fellow but not exactly military ready! He’s big and tall, but soft like pudding. Probably 50 lbs over weight. He’s mildly autistic and socially awkward and a C/D student.

They declined him at first based on the fact that he was on anti/depression meds but contacted him later and accepted him into a special pre-boot camp program to get him into physical shape enough to then enter boot camp. I’d never heard of that before.

Honestly, I’m both thrilled and hopeful for him, and also worried about him and the status of our military. He needs something positive to happen in his life and could use the discipline, but I just don’t know if he can handle it physically or emotionally.

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That there’s a stark lack of a common theme of patriotism that’s strong enough and persistent enough to convince an otherwise unsure candidate probably doesn’t help matters any.

I guess that’s a “fancy” way of saying there’s no notable sense of patriotism in the air these days. Just hate hate and more hate. And ugly people on the left. You pretty much can’t leave your house.

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Soldiers on the spectrum either make great Soldiers or terrible Soldiers

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1) mandatory myocarditis jab
2) freakazoids in dresses and makeup
3) whitey is bad

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The Marine Corps made it in 22. Will again in 23. No standards lessened. If you want a glimpse of what’s really going on and to refill your cup with belief in our great nation, come to MCRD PI graduation to see for yourself. BTW, two company honor grads in the last six weeks were from Louisiana, one of whom is a freshman at LSU.

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alienated their largest Soldier base with all of the diversity and inclusion BS

This is not a mistake = this is a feature = to obtain the ultimate agenda of a compliant military arm devoted to 'progressive' ideals of maximum protection of the oligarchy from any common folk who try to maintain outdated ideas of human civilization.

mission accomplishment in sight
- only need another year of "free elections to protect democracy "

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