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Flight Cancellations and Delays

Talked to my neighbor who flew from Portland to Lafayette, one scheduled stop over in DFW. The 5 hour flight lasted 27 hours. Rerouted, delays and cancellations. He spent the night at DFW airport.

I am so glad I no longer have to travel. What is your experience as of late?

Here's a synopsis of this weekend:

Weekend of cancellations
Saturday saw a total of 657 flight cancellations and 7,267 delays within, into or out of the United States.

American Airlines canceled 4% of its flights and 24% of its Saturday flights were delayed, according to FlightAware.

United had 4% of its flights canceled and 23% delayed, followed by Delta with 2% canceled and 22% of its Saturday flights delayed, FlightAware notes.

41% of JetBlue’s flights and 36% of Southwest’s flights were also delayed on Saturday, according to the website.
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Spent 5 hours in the airport on Thursday just for Delta to cancel my flight.

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Gotta fly out Wednesday for my brother’s wedding. Please lord let me get there!

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If its within 12 hours, I drive now. I had a meeting in Odessa last week and I drove while my coworker flew. Guess who ended up home first?

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The struggle is real. Before Covid commercial aviation was humming along. Post Covid, it’s an absolute shite show more times than not.

The industry has struggled to get back online after scaling all the way down the way it did. Biggest issue is staffing.


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Flew Southwest to and from Boston last week. Had a layover at BWI on the way up and BNA on the way back. Everything went off with out a hitch. I consider myself lucky.

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Luckily it hasn’t impacted me as of yet. But I have noticed a ton of people crashed out in airports.

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Flew to India from NOLA with layover in London.

21 hr flight turned into 36 hrs. 1 stop turning into 3 stops. I had my 7 year old twins with me. It was one of the worst experience I had in my life. I might need therapy to fly again
British airways has no staffing after they let go of them during COVID.

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Revenge travel has overwhelmed the airlines and their personnel

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If its within 12 hours, I drive now.

This is me also. Used to be within 8 hours or I flew, but now I’m driving if it’s 12hrs or less. Been burned to many times lately.

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Canceled flight from LA to NOLA. Over a 24 hour delay. Was a month ago.

Canceled flight from San Diego to NOLA last week. Got on another flight on standby. Made it home on scheduled time but almost another 24 hour delay.

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Very rare for anything to go smoothly these days.

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I was supposed to fly somewhere (eight-or-so hours drive away) last week. The plane had some sort of leak/mechanical failure after it rained and it seemed like I would miss my connection and wouldn't get there until after the point where I would drive there.

So, I got my refund and just decided, frick it, I'm going to drive eight-or-so hours to my final destination as opposed to waiting for this flight, missing my connection, and taking a flight much later from the connection to my final destination.

It's just not worth it to fly very often any more. Last time I flew my nonstop flight was cancelled, two times ago I had to sleep in a connecting airport. All different airlines too.
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Have some flexibility when booking is my suggestion. Luckily haven't gotten burned this summer but it's making for oversold flights. Have seen a lot of $$ being handed out

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I am so glad I no longer have to travel. What is your experience as of late?

I’ll take flight 43 ytd tomorrow. No real issues other than minor delays. All United.

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I am so glad I no longer have to travel. What is your experience as of late?

I dont mind traveling for work, but then again, my experience has always been that i drive out of town for work far more often than i fly.. i have long been a road warrior, and even in my personal time, ive always preferred driving over flying- who wants to deal with security hassles, delays, sitting next to crying babies with shi tty diapers and then having to rent a car once you land ? I felt this way long before Covid and the latest air travel chaos makes me like driving even more .. i can keep the AC how i like it, adjust my seat back as far as i want and stop whenever i like to eat or use the facilities without having to ‘wait for the light to go off .’

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If its within 12 hours, I drive now. I had a meeting in Odessa last week and I drove while my coworker flew. Guess who ended up home first?

Thats a long drive ive made way too many times.

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Talked to my neighbor who flew from Portland to Lafayette

Why of all the places in the world would he go to frikkin Portland?

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12 is too much, but quite honestly, anything less than 450 miles, so roughly 7 hours, should not be a problem driving, especially this day and age with podcasts and audiobooks.

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They don't have enough pilots because every airline made them get inncoulated.

The ones who could retired. The other ones who couldn't are getting mass 'injuries' leading to all the canceled flights.

Thats what's really going on.

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