After the Las Vegs' game-sealing touchdown on Sunday, a Raiders fan starting yelling in the face of Patriots fan Jerry Edmund, who just stood there and took it. The clip went viral with over 8 million views on Twitter alone. Among those viewers was Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who decided to reward Edmund for enduring the abuse...
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JackieTreehorn16 months
They need to start slapping ankle bracelets on anyone who acts like this in public.
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jjv000416 months
How in the world he kept his cool is beyond me.
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captainFid16 months
He was still in shock having watched the end of the game.
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idlewatcher16 months
Shocker: A trashy raiders fan
user avatar
AggieHank8616 months
WTF is wrong with that woman?
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WhoDatNC16 months
Trailer Park Tracy was fired up.
user avatar
The Torch16 months
That old boy that grabbed her has to go home and sleep with that pig
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Fightin Okra16 months
She better get used to many opponent fans in “her” stadium. Vegas is a pretty popular road trip. She thought she did something. Hope she got fired
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Tanny Bogus16 months
Glad to see this story had a happy ending
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goodgrin16 months
Did you really mean what I think you meant? LOL
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KAGTASTIC16 months
I wonder if he was just as annoying throughout the game, and just accepted the crow that was being served.
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soccerfüt16 months
The Raiders’ fanbase should all be euthanized, or at least sterilized. Just classless, baby.
user avatar
Trumansfangs16 months
So Kraft beat the prostitution rap ? Cool.
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