The NFL announced its 2023 Hall of Fame class to wrap up the NFL Honors on Thursday night...
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Coryell should have been elected a long time ago when he was alive.
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KAGTASTIC16 months
Does the HOF get any visitors anymore anyhow? I member when HOFs visits were on peoples bucket lists. Like Cooperstown, now no one gives a hoot to go.
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CanebreakCajun16 months
The hall of very good or above average.
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TouchdownTony16 months
Good lord. I remember when you got into the hall for transcending the game, doing things not normal players do. You were the player that had to be stopped or dealt with. Now, you have a couple good seasons you are in. They need to cut it down to like 3 guys a year.
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Neilfish16 months
Apparently to get into the HOF these days is be on an NFL roster. Trophies for everyone.
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Fightin Okra16 months
HoF is getting watered down. You win one seasonal award and you are getting in the Hall
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Hamma112216 months
Ware Thomas Revis are worthy
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thermal922116 months
The present day guys are all worthy.
The legacy guys I’m not sure of.
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GoRuckTiger16 months
Deion Sanders is right. Too many are getting elected to the HOF each year.
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Morpheus16 months
Look I see Deions argument, but there are quite a few guys in the Hall from the early days that are very questionable too. IMO.
Deion needs to pipe down on some stuff. Way to damn opinionated and quite honestly I've grown to a point I can't stand listening to him. Sounds like a Bullshite Pastor from Mississippi.

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redfish9916 months
Clearly the easiest to enter of all pro sports….. wonder why that is ?
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FlyinTiger9316 months
Revis Island is the only HOF worthy name up there. All good players, but HOF is being watered down.
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Purple Spoon16 months
I agree it’s watered down but Joe Thomas went to 10 strait pro bowls and was basically an iron man.
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RAB16 months
What a weak class.
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