Gracie Hunt and her family's team, the Kansas City Chiefs, had one heck of season that takes them back to the Super Bowl after last night's win over the Bengals. Here's not only her outfit from Sunday's game, but a look back at her whole season with the team...

Tonight, Arrowhead Stadium hosts its fifth straight AFC Championship game. It's an opportunity for this team to bring home the Lamar Hunt Trophy-named after my grandfather. He would be so proud of this organization and of every person-both on and off the field for their grit. This is more than the game of football, this is a family.
We are all united by our love for the game, our love for this city, and our love for each other. Chiefs Kingdom, let’s run it back to Arizona!

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user avatar
CoachDon17 months
She's one more fake part from me thinking there really is a hand up her arse moving her botoxed lips and limbs.
user avatar
Gifman17 months
She seems like an absolute nightmare.
user avatar
NASA_ISS_Tiger17 months
Are those lips botoxed?
user avatar
ClassicCityAlum17 months
5 lbs of makeup, fake tanner, and blonde hair dye. Let's see that gal in her natural / real state. My guess is that she downgrades to a 5-6/10.
user avatar
AlterDWI17 months
Her grandfather helped kill JFK
user avatar
scrooster17 months
This was cute and cuddly lovable at first .... now it's gettin' kinda pathetic. Larry and she have a big date with reality coming. Hers is gonna-be a big fall ... she'll probably end-up dping cheap crack hooer videos by the time she's 40.
user avatar
colbycovington17 months
I sat two suites over from her and her dad when KC played at Houston.

Made it difficult to watch the game.
user avatar
Tigerpimp197417 months
She owns more red than an OG Blood.
user avatar
Trucker2117 months
She is annoying. Worst part of the Chiefs winning .
user avatar
SamGinn Cam17 months
She's great, 100% approve. TYFYS Larry.
user avatar
V Bainbridge17 months
How much does one of your "articles" cost? I'm interested in all the metrics behind this. How many instagram clicks does a TD article translate to?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn17 months
#Fashion #Style #frickOff
user avatar
WaltTeevens17 months
Who has more makeup on? Clark or Gracie? From here it looks like a tossup
user avatar
jatilen17 months
I bet her farts smell like peaches and cream
user avatar
Jyrdis17 months
She looks like her dad and not in a good way.
user avatar
Eli Goldfinger17 months
user avatar
KillTheGophers17 months
White privilege at its finest
user avatar
AggieHank8617 months
You are REALLY obsessed with this little chick.
user avatar
TNTigerman17 months
I don't get it. Maybe once in a while, but photo-posting twice a week? Does she have an offseason?
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