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With the NFL having Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder backed into a corner, he's fighting back saying he has "dirt" that could "blow up" several NFL owners, including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones...

"Dan Snyder does this thing when he feels cornered, say those who know him well. He paces in a hotel suite, or on his superyacht, or at River View, his $48 million Virginia estate. Cradling a drink in one hand, he tells members of his inner circle about the dirt he has accumulated on fellow owners, coaches, executives, even his own employees -- all the stuff he's learned from other sources, including private investigative firms. He never says exactly what he knows, only that in his 23 years as owner of the Washington Commanders, he knows a lot. And that in the zero-sum world of billionaires, this is how you survive. Snyder recently told a close associate that he has gathered enough secrets to "blow up" several NFL owners, the league office and even commissioner Roger Goodell.

"They can't f--- with me," he has said privately.

"The NFL is a mafia," he recently told an associate. "All the owners hate each other."

"That's not true," one veteran owner says. "All the owners hate Dan."
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LSUvet7220 months
"all the owners hate Dan"... is it because he is not woke, progessive and BLM, cancel cultured minded ?
user avatar
roll to victory20 months
Please spill the dirt on Goodell, everbody wants him gone
user avatar
ImBatman20 months
We already Goodell is gay.
user avatar
kkv7520 months
I thought only Jon Gruden was dirty?
user avatar
uptowntiger8420 months
Let's hear the dirt Dan! Everyone has dirt. It's just how dirty is it. Everyone knows Jerry loves the ladies. Everyone knows Kraft loves his Mamasan. So enlighten us on Everyone else yiu have dirt on.
user avatar
mark65mc20 months
"Even commissioner Roger Goodell". Well, we're waiting.
user avatar
tigerterrace20 months
He has nudes of Gayle Benson
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics20 months
Ahh the Jimbo playbook.
user avatar
thermal922120 months
If it’s a mafia, saying shite like that gets you clipped.
user avatar
Not until they secure the information, it there is any.
user avatar
Shaq4prez20 months
Lets hear it Danny boy
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere20 months
This guy is the Cory Feldman of football
user avatar
SalE20 months
Should have kept the Redskins mascot,,
user avatar
SmelvinRat20 months
Nah, should have changed it to the Foreskins...
user avatar
Billy Mays20 months
Honor Among Thieves
user avatar
jatilen20 months
Nice! That's how you push back against the woke mob.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal20 months
Lol yall really don't understand "woke" anymore. He's talking about the owners and I'd bet my life savings most of them think just like your dumbass.
user avatar
MOS031120 months
@Datbayoubengal It surely beats thinking about dick, balls, shitting in the women's restroom and kids as you gender confused beta cucks do. You half a homos should support LEOs because they're literally the only force preventing you cucks from going extinct.
user avatar
machismo6420 months
I believe him.
user avatar
cajunmud20 months
You know how that turned out for Jeffery Epstein, don't you Dan?
user avatar
burke98520 months
Don’t say it put it out there, stupid
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