Cam Newton Hit The Strip Club With Rick Ross Friday Night
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Before destroying the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday to remain undefeated, Carolina Panthers QB and most likely this year's MVP, Cam Newton, hit Cameo Gentleman’s Club for a Rick Ross performance on Friday night...
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burke985102 months
he was not enjoying himself he likes men
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tigerpawl102 months
A true role model.
user avatar
HarryBalzack102 months
I take quarters and make it hail.
user avatar
DaveyDownerDawg102 months
Rick Ross? Never heard of her.
user avatar
TNTigerman102 months
There is everything wrong with going to a strip club - millionaire role model or not.
user avatar
Pavoloco83102 months
The absolute ultimate jimmie rustler. :)
user avatar
atltiger6487102 months
Cam's keepin' it classy, I see. smh
user avatar
earl keese102 months
@ Datbayoubengal

I agree with you that the moms and dads should be the role models, but you know as well as anybody else that a large percentage of young kids choose professional athletes as their role models. And as far as Newton is concerned, he's right at the top of the list as far as popularity right now.

He should be able to live his life as he chooses as long as he isn't hurting anybody, but he is a role model, like it or not.
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Blizzard of Chizz102 months
So as a musician, is performing in a strip club worse than playing a shitty dive bar?
user avatar
Mulerider102 months
Who is Rick Ross?
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Datbayoubengal102 months
@ TJGator1215

That, and the man went back and got his degree (sitting class going through all the stuff like the regular kids), when he KNOWS he doesn't need to.

@ skullopener

The role model is supposed to be mom and dad not some 20 something sports player. This is what's wrong right now.

You hate the man because he is
1) extremely talented
2) graduated college (when he didn't have to)
3) extremely successful at his job (undefeated having an MVP season)
4) a multimillionaire
5) very outgoing and not the typical stuck up celebrity
6) has fun with kids and takes pics with all the fans
7) doesn't get into trouble like you want him to (sad and pathetic man) ex: drugs, alcohol, fighting, some type of female harassment

Really don't understand all the hate this guy gets. Oh wait a minute, I know one of the reasons, but I won't say.
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Meat Newtons102 months
Cam in the skrip cub down the skreet.... Too many $ 180.00 jokes here.
user avatar
DaBama102 months
I don't see a problem with a guy partying at a strip club. A multi-millionaire "making it rain" with $1 bills on the other hand........
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11thACR102 months
Didn't see any of these shots of Cam and crew during his Rookie year at AU ?
user avatar
DownSouthDave102 months
Rick Ross knows not to put it on a pedestal.
user avatar
presidenthog102 months
lol all that money is just one dollar bills. there is like $100 to make it rain there.
user avatar
skullopener102 months
Thats some role model shite right there!!!!
user avatar
Navytiger74102 months
@skullopener. Wow, that's pathetic. I've defended Johnny Manziel and don't think he's some bad kid, but he has been diagnosed with a drug and alcohol problem. That matters when it comes to party pics. Can is a goofball, but he shows up to work. In case you missed it, he blanked Atlanta in their town after visiting Magic City.
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the808bass102 months
Didn't know Rick swung that way. NTTAWWT
user avatar
CaptainJ47102 months
That club looks racist
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