Bail Has Been Set For Ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs
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Former Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III is facing felony charges of DUI resulting in death after his Tuesday morning after the fatal car crash. The 22 year-old’s bail has been set at $150,000, with prosecutors reportedly asking for $1 million. If convicted, Ruggs is facing two to 20 years in prison...
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cwil17728 months
The woman and her dog burned to death in her car. Throw the book at this a-hole.
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HalfCocked28 months
Had no idea it was a woman and her dog. But last night I saw the photo of the car he hit, looked at my girlfriend and said. "That motherfawker was doing a solid 120+".
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kywildcatfanone28 months
He should get a life sentence.
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Breauxsif28 months
Ruggs doesn't even need to go through a bail bondsman. He'll get the $150K back after adjudication. He' going to need every penny when the civil Judgement hammers down on him.
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Dcurry8028 months
Only because he’s famous. Yet another problem putting these thugs on a pedestal.
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Gorilla Ball28 months
That’s awfully low
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3down1028 months
What's Jerry Springer doing there?
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djangochained28 months
He’s already home less than 24 hours later
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Volvagia28 months
It’s not like he has any hope of escaping the min of 2 years in prison, and likely to be more. Doesn’t really matter if the clock starts now or later. (Typically pre trial jail time is credited to sentence.)
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TexasTiger8928 months
Guess they are giving him a chance to flee the country.
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Bayoubred28 months
I wonder if he's happy with the way his life is headed. Hope he rots in jail.
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