We don't exactly why, but during their game against Temple, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly went after one of his assistant coaches on the sideline. The assistant did not look happy about it either...


Maybe the assistant was chirping to the ref and Kelly didn't like it?
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DirtyMikeandtheBoys104 months
I mean what else do we expect out of Kelly? He did kind of kill that student videographer a few years back through neglect
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Dalosaqy104 months
Never ever let my kid work or play with that POS.
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atltiger6487104 months
I've seen Kelly do that before years ago before he got the ND gig. Coaches can get emotional, but he's an arse, no doubt about it.
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Tiger-Striped-Bass104 months
Looked like the assistant was jawing with the official - official looks agitated. By the looks of it, assistant wasn't a significant enough figure on the team to do that. The fact that another assistant was already trying to get in-between them, supports Kelly's discontent. Still not the way to handle it.
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Moustache104 months
Meh. Inappropriate to do that but we don't know the context.
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JumpingTheShark104 months
It doesn't matter what happened, this is fricked up and inappropriate.
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Sid in Lakeshore104 months
Kelley is a POS. Period
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ninthward104 months
Kelley is garbage.
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DeafVallyBatnR104 months
any other job in the country and boss puts his hands on an employee. Boss gets fired.
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windmill104 months
Unsportsmanlike conduct-clear as can be. Brian Kelly= a-hole
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supadave3104 months
What the hell was that about?
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Placebeaux104 months
Kelly with the smack down.
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hg104 months
Wow, frick Brian Kelly
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