Danny Kanell Has An Interesting Suggestion For 2020 College Football Schedule
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Off the heels of Notre Dame and Wake Forest having to reschedule this weekend's game due to players testing positive, college football analyst Danny Kanell offered up this interesting
suggestion for the 2020 schedule...

(The Spun)
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The Big Ten wouldn’t need “wiggle room”. It and the other conferences would need two more games period.
Reply29 days
Frig Yankee Land....
Reply1 month
how bout Big 10 start their season 2 weeks early so none of the other conferences are affected by the stupid decision the big 10 made to cancel the season.
Reply1 month
frick him and his SEC hating ass. Too big 10. Y’all played politics and lost.
Reply1 month
I would have no problem giving them more of a chance. I'd rather everyone have less of a reason to throw an * when an SEC runs through them like Cantonese food.
Reply1 month
Worms do enjoy wiggling.
Reply1 month
FCK the big 10 and FCK danny kanell.
Reply1 month
It's absolutely amazing how I can disagree with EVERYTHING someone says. Politics isn't even this polarizing.
Reply1 month
Anything Danny Kanell says is probably a shitty idea.
Reply1 month
Big 10 had their chance. Undefeated Ohio State was going to qualify for playoffs as long as they played 6 games, it didn't matter. They're just going to have to get beat by Clemson or an SEC team yet again.
Reply1 month
Screw the Big 10, and screw Danny Kenell.
Reply1 month
How bout no.
Reply1 month
Negative there "Ghost Ryder"! The Big 10 made their decision early to not play so they get to suffer the consequences. Plain and simple.
Reply1 month
Reply1 month
Why give Big 10 wiggle room they made their bed.
Reply1 month
In general, Kanell should take a long walk off a short plank.
Reply1 month
Na, makes too much sense!
Reply1 month
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