Texas basketball coach Chris Beard was suspended indefinitely this month due to a felony charge for allegedly strangling his fiancée, Randi Trew. In a statement sent to The Associated Press on Friday, Trew said Beard did not strangle her. She claims he was acting in self-defense...
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Morpheus16 months
Best advice I can give here Chris is don’t marry her.
user avatar
The Torch16 months
Look you dumb BI#$H, I make 7 million dollars a year and you live off off of me.

Oh Yeah - Hey He Really Didn't Strangle Me
user avatar
Hangit16 months
Her being willing to send him to prison because she thought she gets half his cash guarantees he will never actually marry her.
user avatar
Water Mocassin16 months
Can’t fix stupid.
user avatar
Fightin Okra16 months
Spoken like a women either in an abusive relationship or one who realized her gravy train was about to dry up
user avatar
Jabontik16 months
she better retract it or he may come back and strangle her some more.
user avatar
jsmoove16 months
And that's how it's done. Definitely nobody predicted it.
user avatar
WhoDatNC16 months
The moment you realize you just fricked up the gravy train.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy16 months
Too late Boo, damage is done...
user avatar
Filmat1116 months
Wait, we stand to lose how much money?
user avatar
atltiger648716 months
exactly. She clearly realized this would kill Beard's career and the million dollar salary would be gone. She's just protecting her meal ticket. Shameful.
user avatar
cajunmud16 months
Yep...she think they were married or something? You don't get half when you send your boyfriend to prison...doh.
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