Shaq Lost A Bet To Dwyane Wade & Had To Grow Out His Hilarious Hairline
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Shaquille O'Neal bet Dwyane Wade that the Milwaukee Bucks would beat the Miami Heat by “at least 20” on Monday night. Well, they didn't and Shaq lost. So as punishment, he by had to grow his hair out to expose his true hairline. And that, looks like this...
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Montezuma50 months
Looks like a giant Cedric the Entertainer
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TigerstuckinMS50 months
Goddamn, I love Shaq. He's one of the few people on this planet that I'd really love to just hang out with drinking beer.
user avatar
brass2mouth50 months
This dude is the best.
user avatar
Tonio50 months
Based on his height weight race etc. he probably won’t live much longer
user avatar
DoubleDown50 months
uhhhh wha?
user avatar
PrettyLights50 months
user avatar
LesnarF550 months
Couldn't imagine how awesome he is as a dad.
user avatar
AustinKnight50 months
Shaq DGAF that’s for sure and that’s when your living your best life
user avatar
soccerfüt50 months
The World needs more Shaqs.
user avatar
s250 months
Shaq the comedian never disappoints
user avatar
Tigers4Lyfe50 months
More oil than hair!
user avatar
Old Money50 months
Thats funny as shite
user avatar
CaptainsWafer50 months
Shaq has that Javonte hairline.
user avatar
Deuces50 months
I like how they faded it up, too lol
user avatar
Flashback50 months
Nice doo, Shaq!
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