Former NBA point guard Muggsy Bogues has a grandson named Samartine "Fatman" Bogues who is in 5th grade and is simply dominating...

You'll see him again with the Class of 2023. Here's ole grandad at work...

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Tiger1242106 months
A 5th grade highlight reel? Seriously?
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SwaggerVance106 months
Already as tall as Muggsy
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crimson crazy106 months
So he's in 5th grade meaning he's 10 or 11 years old. Muggsy is only 50, so that means he became a grandfather at 39 or 40???
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Drizzt106 months
He's a lefty too
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chRxis106 months
fatman? that was boomshakalaka's nickname back in the day.... hahahaha
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airportwhiskey106 months
LSU lock.
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gizmoflak106 months
I never knew James Harden screwed Muggsy's daughter
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thesoccerfanjax106 months
That's not called anymore. And it wasn't exaggerated AT ALL. It has to be blatant for it to be called and it was nowhere near blatant. This is like the go-to complaint for people who don't watch or know anything about basketball.
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Black n Gold106 months
Grandson? Damn I'm getting old.
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HailFreezusOver106 months
Exactly his hand is under the ball on all of these amazing moves.
It's called carrying.

Here's the key too being good at basketball, go fast forget traveling violation and carrying violations.
You have an edge on everyone else who tries to play by the rules.
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MDTiger 13106 months
Damn that kid's got handles on the ball. Most of these videos are about kids twice the size of the others, but not him.
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CoastTrashTiger106 months
He is already carrying the ball like a pro!
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