NASCAR legend Danica Patrick and her pals are some of the few who scored Taylor Swift tickets for this weekend's opening concert...

We were all so in the moment that we didn’t take many pictures together and I didn’t even take that many videos. @taylorswift sang 44 songs and it was the most amazing concert I have ever seen. Swiftie for life.

If you’re a fan, enjoy the vids! And my singing in the background.

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danilo13 months
Aaron Rodgers prefers dudes
user avatar
jrctiger8413 months
Please explain to me what makes Danica Patrick legendary in NASCAR.
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BuddyRoeaux13 months
But was she in Tiger Stadium for “Calling Baton Rouge”? Didn’t think so.
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lsuohiofan13 months
At $1000s a ticket I guess these 30 somethings can afford it.
user avatar
GatorPA8413 months
Looks like shitty seats, congrats I guess..
user avatar
Skinny13 months
This is peak 40 year old married and or divorced moms night out
right here. They will be talking about this forever, lol.
user avatar
soccerfüt13 months
It’s fun to eat at the Y….
user avatar
CallmeSteveo13 months
scissoring Noise intensifies
user avatar
Richard Grayson13 months
TSwizzle = tGOAT
user avatar
conman13 months
NASCAR legend? Really? She never won a NASCAR race and was purely hired to bring diversity to the sport.
user avatar
Jag_Warrior13 months
“NASCAR legend Danica Patrick”… well, that gave me a really good chuckle this morning. I thought that Larry was over his odd obsession with her. Oh well…
user avatar
Timeoday13 months
I believe she was a "pit" legend among those in the know.
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