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After LSU beat Syracuse 34-24 on Saturday, Orange head coach Scott Shafer didn't hold back on how he felt about playing against running back and current Heisman leader Leonard Fournette.

Here is what he had to say, according to

"I really wanted to kick his arse to be honest with you," Shafer said, "and I know he'd appreciate that. You get a chance to play a Heisman Trophy candidate, you want to knock him backward. You want to get after him and you want him to no longer be in the Heisman race after you play him."
Maybe next time Shafer.
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Quid Pro Quo101 months
Shafer, good try, but you failed. He is still the Heisman front runner despite your gang tackling, with the whole team piling on, and Fournette coming out of that pile without a helmet and kicked in the nuts. Without two questionable penalties Fournette had over 360 yds, and LSU 48 pts. Your defense was impressive and so was your walk on QB. I wish I could say no harm, no foul.
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LSUvet72101 months
Coach Shafted, you are lucky that WR lined up wrong or Bugaman personally would have squezzed the juice out the Orangemen for over 325 yards. And how bout you cheapos getting some AC in your dome.
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goodgrin101 months
Coach Shafer... In the year 2017, if you are still the coach at SU, when the Orangemen play in Death Valley in September on ESPN for a humid evening kickoff, you will be facing an LSU team led by Senior QB Brandon Harris that will pound your team into the turf and make you cry uncle by the time the game is over. Afterwards, you too will agree that Death Valley is the toughest venue for visitors to play in and will not want to come back again anytime soon in any coaching capacity.
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moon101 months
Coaches in 50s,60s,70s and 80s said much worse things. These guys are coaching to win and I would have had the same mindset ( to kick his arse, not meaning injure him).
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RedPop4101 months
What a.....well, not going to say it. He and J.T. Curtis cut from the same mold, teaching their kids the same tactics. Patriots did much the same, Saturday afternoon, to Bruce Jordan-Swilling. Freaking cowards.
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PurpleNGold101 months
From we learn of Shafer's "goal" with regard to Leonard Fournette.

"Two years ago, Syracuse helped CRIPPLE former Boston College running back Andre Williams' Heisman Trophy campaign. Williams was held to 29 yards and left the game in the third quarter WITH A SHOULDER INJURY.

On Saturday, the Orange faced another Heisman candidate in LSU running back Leonard Fournette. For SU head coach Scott Shafer, THE GOAL WAS THE SAME. The result, though, was different.

Incredibly, Shafer comments that he wished for Leonard Fournette (in this case) to "no longer be in the Heisman race after (Syracuse) played him". It takes a heinous and depraved mind to even hint that injuring a student athlete is a "goal". He is unworthy of the title and position of a Coach. By his own words he proves himself undeserving of admiration or respect.
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lsuhunt555101 months
Maybe next time you should want to kick his arse and not want your players to punch him in the nuts.
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Gulf Coast Tiger101 months
When I played I wanted to kick the other teams arse
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Gumbo1101 months
Mission failed Syracuse coach.
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olgoi khorkhoi101 months
I would take that as the highest compliment.
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earl keese101 months
Syracuse's defense played a hell of a game. Lots of hustle and heart in that team. They just ran into a team that is on another level than they are. I hope they win the rest of their games this season.
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chesty101 months
Sounds respectful as hell to me
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themunch101 months
they punched him in the balls tho
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Pedro101 months
yea i dont have a problem with what he said
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SamuelClemens101 months
I understand what's he saying, they gave 100% and hats off to them
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America1776101 months
@km coming in hot! dayum!
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oleheat101 months
Well, what's he supposed to say? 'Yeah, I was hoping he'd bulldoze us, like that.' LOL
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km101 months
Hey coach, "want" in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.
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