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A Louisiana Legislative Auditor found that LSU overpaid head coach Brian Kelly by more than $1 million in 2022 due to double payments directly to him as well as Kelly's LLC. Per The Advocate:

Kelly was overpaid $1,001,368 in supplemental payments during the 2022 fiscal year. LSU made double payments in May and June 2022. In May 2022 to Kelly's LLC, then continued to make supplemental payments to the coach directly, resulting in monthly double payments until LSU management detected it in November.

According to a release from the Louisiana legislative audit, LSU and Kelly "have enacted an adjusted payment schedule so the amount of overpayment will be recouped by the conclusion of fiscal year 2023."
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user avatar
luciouslou17 months
Man you know you're rich when you don't even notice an extra million in your account.

I would've caught $17 if it was extra in my account
user avatar
AndrewD17 months
thats ok he beat bama
user avatar
dgnx617 months
Well math is racist.
user avatar
DotBling17 months
George Floyd BLM COVID Shot University (formerly LSU)
user avatar
deuce98517 months
Is that why he donated 1 million back?
user avatar
BigTigerJoe17 months
Here is a thought. Let him keep it.
user avatar
X Carter Is Fast17 months
They are. Just reducing his pay the next year
user avatar
olgoi khorkhoi17 months
Colorado is looking for money to pay Deion and LSU had a million slip out of their wallet and didn't notice for months..
user avatar
BK78517 months
Should just make it a bonus for beating Bama and winning the West.
user avatar
Party At LSU17 months
Take note assistant coaches who we offer jobs to!
user avatar
LSU Coyote17 months
He earned it.
user avatar
BEATIGER17 months
Such a dumb look, LSU. Geez.
user avatar
PUB17 months
Woodward is responsible for the AD department?
Must be nice throwing 10s of millions around with an extra million mistake.
user avatar
POTUS202417 months
Year 1 and he wins the SEC West. LSU probably made 5x that much in additional revenue from the success of this year. Stellar job overall.
user avatar
saintlad7417 months
.......In an unrelated story, student tuition is increasing at LSU.........
user avatar
Cajun Tiger 417 months
I hate when I get paid an extra million. So much paperwork. Come on HR!
user avatar
Champagne17 months
NO "Take-sy Back-sies", LSU. Let this be a lesson to get better at Arithmetic.
user avatar
PurpleEcho17 months
He saved us from the last dumpster fire, hell pay him!
user avatar
TigerLord202017 months
This just in: “Texas A&M overpaid Jimbo Fisher 9 million dollars over the course of 2022”
user avatar
NorthSider7217 months
I hate when that happens.
user avatar
Bobulinski17 months
Why can't this ever happen to me!
user avatar
Hurricane Mike17 months
Apparently LSU isn't employing its accounting graduates
user avatar
MrWhipple17 months
Why didn’t he report the over payment? Not a good look.
user avatar
Yeti_Chaser17 months
Well he did donate a bunch back lol
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