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CBS Sports writer Shehan Jeyarajah ranked his Top 5 "Best college football QB rooms" for this upcoming season and put LSU's deep group at No. 5 on the list.

5. LSU Tigers

Key players: Jayden Daniels, Myles Brennan, Garrett Nussmeier, Walker Howard

The Tigers don't have a proven starter after losing top passer Max Johnson to the transfer portal, but the collection of signal-callers currently in Baton Rouge ranks among the deepest in the nation. LSU added former Arizona State starter Jayden Daniels, who posted more than 3,000 yards of total offense in 2021, while Myles Brennan returns after missing most of the last two seasons with injuries. Down the pipe, Garrett Nussmeier and high four-star recruit Walker Howard have the tools to compete for playing time right away. New offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock will have his selection of a dynamic, diverse group of passers in his first season. The ceiling depends on whether any of the four jump up and take the job.
Top 5:
Ohio State

Honorable mention:
Penn State
Texas A&M
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LSU867530924 months
Daniels is another Jordan Jefferson. He threw 10 td to 10 ints last year with Aeiz St. You would think these idiots calling for him to start would have learned their lesson by now. Obviously they haven't. We don't want a running qb. That's why we have rbs. It's nice to have a mobile qb who still throws first. I would only use Daniels on maybe a qb option every once in awhile but never a starter.
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tigerbite224 months
Plz no fishing trips for Myles...
user avatar
All that matters is your starter. The rest are clipboard holders.
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armchair tiger24 months
QB rooms don't mean crap. Starting QBs mean everything because the team will usually be as good at the starting QB, which in LSU case is clearly Nussmeier. As Nuss will easily be a NFL first rounder, relative to Brennan and Daniels who are not even NFL draftable.

He doesn't have as much experience as his competition but his talent far outweighs his competition's mostly bad experience.
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75503Tiger24 months
Brennan bout to eat
user avatar
LSUStar24 months
It’s humorous that LSU is ranked so highly given the dearth of experience in the room.
user avatar
Herodijontiger24 months
Was thinking exact same thing!
user avatar
BayouBengalDTX24 months
Yea ok just like Bama is ranked first when they have Bryce young who folds against talented defenses like LSU’s 3rd string and Georgia in the natty but after him who they got? Yea point made.
user avatar
TouchdownTony24 months
So has the room got a chandelier, maybe hot tubs, a buffet set up. I’d love to see what Bamas room looks like. Did they say anything about the most talented teams at qb?
user avatar
RightWingTiger24 months
Based off of what? Other than Myles 3 starts, 2 years ago Daniels is the only QB with ANY starting experience.
user avatar
BayouBengal9924 months
Some of you people are so ridiculous. Idk? Let’s see… Brennan was a highly rated QB out of HS who has a gun and has good accuracy. He also happen to have better stats than the best QB to ever play at LSU in the same amount of time and played with a pretty crappy OL. Jayden Daniel’s was also highly rated out of HS and put up some great numbers with a good supporting staff in an offense that suits his talents. Nuss again was highly rated coming from HS, is a coaches son, highly competitive with a super accurate rifle for an arm. Who can also move well with his legs. I don’t even need to say anything about Walker Howard. He was the number one or two 5* QB in his class for most of his recruitment. He’s the son of a former Tiger QB who played at a different time but has passed down his natural talents to his kid with the best coaches and training to refine that talent for years. He’s going to be special imo. I think he will win lots of games for LSU and will be the first QB to win a national title for Brian Kelly at LSU. He will have his OL delivered by then, LSU will have the RBs to help, we will have one of the toughest defenses in the SEC and country by then, with some of the top players in the country playing for coach House. Wait until they see his defenses! It’ll be fun to watch for recruits around the country. LBs/DBs and DL horses will be watching and wishing to be a part of that. Not to mention, Brian Kelly always and I mean always has a badass 6’6” 250lb TE creating havoc for opposing teams. A little long but some of people need lots of words to understand.
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cheeto22524 months
Daniels has NEVER played in the SEC. I'm happy with Miles starting and Daniels/Nuss backup...
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armchair tiger24 months
You're right he is the most experienced and his experience reveals that he has regressed each and every season he has been a college QB. It also reveals that he is and has always been a piss poor passer and in which is exactly what LSU doesn't need. In fact, considering how good LSU's wide receiver room is going into the 2022 season, naming someone like Daniels the starter would be criminal.
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kkv7524 months
I'm not going to cream over something CBS said.
user avatar
Robber DeNiro24 months
Ehhhhhh, I don't know.
user avatar
jrodLSUke24 months
Honorable Mention: aTm and second string QB Max Johnson LOL
user avatar
ColdTurkey24 months
Myles looks like he's slimmed down a bit here. Never thought I'd be saying that lol
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SeanLSU24 months
Only part I disagree with is the bit about not having a proven starter. I think both Brennan and Daniels could qualify for that designation.
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Cajun7524 months
Alabama...always number one as Saban knows it takes a top-notch QB to win the title these days. Of course he also usually gets the top ranking for OL, RB's, DL, DB's, WR.....
user avatar
BayouBengalDTX24 months
So Stetson Bennett is a top notch QB? Face it aside from Joe Burrow winning a title defense still and will always win championships!!!!!
user avatar
cadillac756324 months
They’re not wrong. The room is deep. Question is who’s going to take the reigns and how far will he take us
user avatar
MorningWood24 months
Its deep and actually pretty experienced for once
user avatar
olgoi khorkhoi24 months
lol @ aTm taking LSU's "starter" and being ranked lower at the position
user avatar
crewdepoo24 months
They’ve always said, 4 QBs is better than 1.
user avatar
Tigers4Lyfe24 months
But if you have 4 and no clear starter then you have none.
user avatar
Tobasco24 months
They are definitely correct, however, there is another group out there that has said 5 QBs are better than 4.
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