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Former LSU running back Leonard Fournette recently donated 700 of his old football trophies to be recycled and turned into a weight set for Raines High School in Jacksonville, FL. Per

Fournette and MET-Rx collaborated to create a dumbbell set to donate to a school in Jacksonville, out of Fournette’s childhood football trophies.

We all know Fournette is a talented football player, but did you know that he received at least 700 trophies as a kid? Yup, and he donated 700 of them to have them crafted into an entire weight set for Raines High School.

This is not the first time that the former LSU star has given back to the local communities in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Jacksonville and it definitely won't be the last time either...

Watch the video below to see how Fournette and MET-Rx created and delivered the weight set to Raines High School:

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user avatar
BallCoachinFool82 months
Did he keep his bowl rings? If so, not legit bro
user avatar
Amazing Moves82 months
Very cool. What a great gesture.
user avatar
tubucoco82 months
Awesome! Geaux LF!
user avatar
CharlesLSU82 months
What a great role model.....I love what this young man stands for and will always be a fan. Great job, Mr Fournette?
user avatar
CharlesLSU82 months!
user avatar
theunknownknight82 months
Guice >>> Fournette
user avatar
Jorts R Us82 months
Raines is the worst high school in Jax so good looking out.
user avatar
Jcorye182 months
James Harrison is rock hard over this.
user avatar
Bristol Dawg82 months
Basically turned those suckers in to dust and then added whatever they normally do to make weights. Wonder if my deer heads could be used for a weight set?
user avatar
SECSolomonGrundy82 months
That's a cool gesture and it shows a good attitude. Makes me wonder if Fournette will be viewed in similar light as Tebow. In college, opposing fans mostly hated him because he was really good and he got a lot of publicity. But when he left college, those opposing fans develop a respect and appreciation for Tebow,mainly because his character was so strong that you couldn't deny him. It's like, how can you legitimately hate Tim Tebow? We might see the same thing with Fournette if his character is given enough spotlight.
user avatar
Mr. Hangover82 months
To be fair I'm not sure I can remember an opposing fan bashing fournette
user avatar
atltiger648782 months
very nice move by LF, but am I the only one questioning how trophies can get recycled into weights. The "gold" on a trophy isn't gold and it isn't even metal. It's basically a plastic piece painted gold, mounted on a piece of marble. Regardless, great move by LF, but I'm just not seeing how trophies are made of anything that can be recycled into weights.
user avatar
Deltatiger82 months
i'm assuming you didn't watch the video...
user avatar
whoisnickdoobs82 months
In the video it looks like the trophies were used to make the mold that made the trophies, not the actual trophies. I could be wrong though.
user avatar
Lexman182 months
You mean my 699 trophies almost edged out Fournette? Didn't know I was that close. I need to see if I have any eligibility left! Lmao 700?! Really?!
user avatar
castorinho82 months
Great gesture! Should have just bought it instead of recycling the trophies. Having a room full of those would be cool.
user avatar
Walt OReilly82 months
That is awesome
user avatar
TigerSpray82 months
when he's 80, he's going to wish he hadn't done that.
user avatar
JBeam82 months
You realize it's not 1950 anymore right? Like people have digital photos of things now. Hell he could probably buy a 3D printer and recreate them if he wanted to.
user avatar
MLCLyons82 months
yes I'm sure when he's 80 he'll be pining for his peewee trophies.
user avatar
No Diggity Tiger82 months
If only he had 702, heisman and national champsionship....Jk. Class act!
user avatar
chalmetteowl82 months
How you get 700 trophies and never win anything?
user avatar
DoubleDown82 months
user avatar
luciouslou82 months
with all the crap that i have to read on the news every day, this was refreshing. great story. and even greater to see the look in the kids eyes that he wanted to spend some time with them.
user avatar
Neauxla_Tiger82 months
I was going to do something similar with my old trophies, but I've been told 3 trophies isn't enough to do anything with
user avatar
L S Usetheforce82 months
participation trophies aren't allowed in weight creation
user avatar
texastigerr82 months
LF has always been pure class.
user avatar
Cousin82 months
Outstanding young man. Glad he chose LSU.
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