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During his weekly press conference on Monday afternoon, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked about safety Grant Delpit who has been dealing with an ankle injury from the Auburn game on October 26.

Delpit played through the injury vs. Alabama and Ole Miss and will likely get some days off from practice this week, according to Orgeron.

Q. Grant, how close is he to healthy right now?

ED ORGERON: It's tough when he doesn't practice all week. I don't know if any players would have played against Alabama, Grant wanted to play. I thought he did well.

Obviously that ankle is very sore, not getting reps hurts sometimes. Making tackles in open space hurts sometimes because he can't bend or run like he wants to. We're going to give him a couple days off this week and hopefully he can get healthy for this weekend.

Q. Is there any possibility that you would rest Delpit for a game and hope that he could improve with some added rest?

ED ORGERON: First of all, with Grant, I rely totally on Jack Marucci. I think he's the best in the business. Gives me a report every day. I let the coaches coach, doctors be doctors. He tells me what they can do. Coach, he needs a rest, I'm going to rest him. Coach, he's going to play, he needs to play, we're going to play him and I'm going to talk to Grant.

I talk to the trainer, then I talk to the player. I said, The trainer says you can go, can you go? Yes.

If Grant needs rest this weekend, we'll give him rest.
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Is it time for Hampton to get some reps at Safety?
Reply23 months
Guys, guys, guys...Coach isn't just going to come out on a Monday and say his All American is going to sit out for two games. You don't let an opponent know that a major part of the defense is just going to be out almost a week before a game. Y'all relax.
Reply23 months
Use Tua as a case study on what NOT to do with players who are less than 85-90%! Tua had surgery, so the circumstances are different, but Injuries happen in football and the risks are increased when a player can't play like himself. Tua couldn't escape the pressure and tried to protect his ankle when he was going down resulting in his "freak" injury. Don't just think that because he can plan that he should play. Delpit's whole career and life after football is still ahead of him, and he should be rested if there is ANY doubt... Especially against a team that is likely not a competitive threat this year! Give him the extra time to recover before A&M and reevaluate. He was noticeably limited against Ole Miss, and not only was at increased risk, but was not helping the team like he likely wants to and normally could!
Reply23 months
Rest Him for Arkansas game! Jesus they lost to NMST!!!!!!!!!
Reply23 months
Coach, I'm just a fan, but he ain't himself at all in open space right now. Rest him and get him well for the jumbo atm game
Reply23 months
I'd rest Delpit this week and play him against the Faggies.
Reply23 months
Let him sit for Arkansas. Don't need him playing injured for an arse whooping.
Reply23 months
Best to rest him until Georgia. Let him fully recover
Reply23 months
Delpit should wear a boot between now and the morning of the A&M game, except to sleep and get treatment. When he sleeps, it should be in a hyperbaric chamber. We need him to be as healthy as possible for Aggie. It's Aggie's super bowl and we cannot let Mond look like Plumlee. Once we are up by four scores, the boot needs to go back on and Delpit needs to rest for Georgia. Each game from here on out requires a progressively healthier Delpit. We do not need Grant to beat Arkansas comfortably. But we need Grant to stymie Aggie early. And we will need Grant to beat UGA, particularly given the fact that UGA's offensive line will manhandle our DL.
Reply23 months
Hope to see him rest
Reply23 months
Coach is doing it the right way.
Reply23 months
He was playing like shite When he was healthy I've never seen someone miss more tackles than Delpit did year he's definitely not playing like an all American or a first round draft pick
Reply23 months
That was very early in the season (I was saying the same thing.) He, along with most others on the defense, cleaned up his tackling technique and started playing really well again for a few weeks.
23 months
Actually had shoulder injury early on ..was trying to get healthy before ankle injury.
23 months
Rest him. Arkansas ain't worth it.
Reply23 months
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