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Statement of LSU Athletics Director and Vice Chancellor Joe Alleva on the reinstatement of Tiger Basketball Coach Will Wade:

“The LSU Athletics Department today agreed to reinstate Will Wade as head coach of the Tiger basketball program. Coach Wade met Friday with University and NCAA officials. During those meetings, he answered all questions and denied any wrongdoing in connection with recently reported allegations of irregularities in college basketball recruiting.

“The University regrets that Coach Wade did not choose to fulfill his obligations to LSU when he was first asked to do so. However, the seriousness of the allegations and Coach Wade’s prior refusal to refute them could not be ignored without exposing the University and the basketball program to great risk. Protecting LSU and preserving our integrity must always be our first priority.

“Coach Wade's explanations and clarifications offered during the meeting, absent actual evidence of misconduct, satisfy his contractual obligation to LSU. Accordingly, I have recommended that Coach Wade's suspension be lifted and that he should be allowed to resume his coaching responsibilities. President Alexander has accepted this recommendation.”


"I am humbled and grateful to be back at LSU. I would like to express my appreciation to President F. King Alexander and Athletic Director Joe Alleva for my reinstatement, and I sincerely apologize to the university and our fans for the disruption to the University and the program.

"I regret the circumstances that prevented me from meeting with the University sooner. I wish I could have addressed these issues when the University first requested a meeting, and I’m grateful they gave me the opportunity to do so last week.

"I completely understand that without my denying or explaining the media reports accusing me of wrongdoing LSU was left with no choice but to suspend me until I was willing and able to meet with them. Any other course of action would have put the program and the University at risk.

"I look forward to re-joining the team right away. I intend to sit down with my student-athletes and co-workers to explain what has happened during the last 30 days and how I intend for us all to move forward.

“I promise to devote all of my energy into preparing for next season and finishing the job we have started at LSU.”

"Again, I'd like to thank the Board of Supervisors, President Alexander, Athletic Director Joe Alleva, our student-athletes, and our fans for this opportunity."

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But why meme
Reply8 days
I'm just glad we didn't lose one of the best coaches we ever had and I really hope this crap doesn't hurt his recruiting because with all the players declaring he's really going to have to hit big on the recruiting trail. GOOD LUCK COACH WADE!
Reply9 days
Yahoo Sports sucks the big one!
Reply10 days
I hope Wade stays for years to come, but i really don’t see it with the way he was treated. Even if he stays 3-4 more years, Alleva, F. King and Earring Williams are on the hook for this fiasco. Fire them all now!
Reply10 days
Is he going to play? We have no players left.
Reply10 days
So, what was the point of all this?
Reply10 days
Fire Alleva Fire F King
Reply10 days
Only a month late.
Reply10 days
At least we're not Auburn.
Reply11 days
Reply11 days
I cannot get more erect
Reply11 days
Free at Last... Free at Last
Reply11 days
Now Fking needs to be put in the pressure cooker for what he has allowed to go one last few years with Him and alleva. Not one but both of them really need to go. Lsu has turned into a fricking circus dancing to any wanna be pundit tunes. Every single sport has suffered to some degree
Reply11 days
AGREE 100%, I'm sick of the University I love, being a complete joke to the entire country. The list goes on and on. Miles fire not fired, Alleva being the search, didn't conduct a search with a whole YEAR and settling for O, giving up a home game to FL, womens basketball mess, and screwing around with possible the best basketball coach in LSU history. THEY MUST GEAUX!!
11 days
Don’t forget to throw the EarRing Williams on the funeral pyre.
11 days
Do you really think that Dick Vitale is going to buck up and say… OK I was wrong? He’s just going to crank up the number of Twitter post saying that LSU is a dirty program. … meanwhile, the shoe splitter racks up national awards week after week while his parents enjoy the benefits of a $900,000 house, cash, and a new job.
Reply11 days
Reply11 days
YES!!! Now fire these clowns!
Reply11 days
When will the other two clowns be fired now.
Reply11 days
Reply11 days
Between Wade and Miles, the LSU administration has made a complete incompetent cluterfrick out of every situation they’ve had.
Reply11 days
In your 1 eyed face Dick V!!!
Reply11 days
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