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LSU is ranked No. 1 in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper preseason poll.

The Tigers, winners of six national titles, will field its best ball club since 2017 when LSU finished second at the College World Series.

LSU’s last title came 10 seasons ago in 2009. Entering that spring, LSU was also ranked No. 1 by Collegiate Baseball.

Five returning position player starters are back and six superb pitchers.

Plus, key players return after sitting out virtually all last season because of injuries. Read more.
Rank - Team (Final 2018 Record) - Points
1. Louisiana St. (39-27) 496
2. Vanderbilt (35-27) 495
3. UCLA (38-21) 494
4. Texas Tech. (45-20) 491
5. Stanford (46-12) 488
6. Florida (49-21) 487
7. Oregon St. (55-12-1) 485
8. North Carolina (44-20) 482
9. Louisville (45-19) 480
10. Florida St. (43-19) 479
11. Mississippi (48-17) 476
12. Coastal Carolina (43-19) 473
13. Georgia (39-21) 471
14. Texas (42-23) 468
15. Clemson (47-16) 467
16. Oklahoma St. (31-26-1) 464
17. Georgia Tech. (31-21) 462
18. Cal. St. Fullerton (36-25) 460
19. Texas Christian (33-23) 457
20. Duke (45-18) 453
21. Baylor (37-21) 450
22. N.C. State (42-18) 446
23. Auburn (43-23) 445
24. Missouri St. (40-17) 442
25. Arkansas (48-21) 439

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LSU's baseball season starts on Friday, February 15.
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user avatar
kjntgr67 months
How is Arkansas 25
user avatar
Ag Zwin67 months
Never know how much stock to put in these. Years where we start really high, I don’t believe it. Years like this where we are unranked, I don’t believe it. Baseball is way more unpredictable than the other sports, IMO.
user avatar
tketaco67 months
user avatar
cra_cra67 months
Won't matter much with PM as the coach....
user avatar
imjustafatkid67 months
user avatar
sml7167 months
Not a lot of separation in number of points between nos 1 and number 8, though.
user avatar
ByUselves67 months
Should be a fun season, barring the injury bug doesn't infest the dugout.
user avatar
winkchance67 months
user avatar
AustinKnight67 months
Best ball club since 17’? Man it’s been a while huh
user avatar
BigPerm3067 months
Hang the mother fricking banner
user avatar
WhiteMandingo67 months
8 sec teams in the top 25 No moo state or Texas a&m seems odd
user avatar
TyOconner67 months
I was looking at that. Got a lot of SEC teams in there for sure but I would surprised if one or both of the teams you mentioned get in the rankings at some point.
user avatar
Hurricane Mike67 months
They may turn out to be good but they haven't proven they deserve to be anywhere close to #1 after last season and the starting rotation performance is an unknown at this point. This isn't the 2017 team returning a bunch of known commodities.
user avatar
BayouB00bie67 months
What's your definition of a bunch? Zach Watson, Mondo's big bro, Josh Smith, Daniel Cabrera, Zach Hess, Eric Walker, Hilliard, Matt Beck, what other known commodities do you want to see?
user avatar
jimbeam67 months
Muh pulmonary
user avatar
LSU Patrick67 months
But the rant told me that LSU athletics are in ruin.
user avatar
HC8767 months
Hit, run, score Tigers!
user avatar
PsychTiger67 months
Time to fire Mainieri yet?
user avatar
ForLSU5667 months that for the first mid-week game they lose.
user avatar
BayouBengal9967 months
LSU won't be losing too many mid week games this year! This should be the deepest pitching staff we've had since PM is HC. The offense if it gets any better than last year will be plenty enough to beat most teams and if they all stay healthy this season we should finally have a team equipped for the tourney. Pitching has really been what has hurt us every year we have made a run at the CWS. Hopefully that changes this year. We'll see soon.
user avatar
The Mick67 months
"will field its best ball club since 2017 when LSU finished second at the College World Series" WTF
user avatar
Tarpon0867 months
I mean, he isn't wrong.
user avatar
deuce98567 months
Can't be worse than last year's team so he's probably right.
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