Arch Manning's Brother Heid Is Now Snapping His The Ball In Games
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Eventually we'll just have a whole team of Mannings. The highly sought after high school QB recruit Arch Manning now has his younger brother, Heid, under center....

The nephews of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning are playing together in high school for Newman (LA). Sophomore Heid Manning will be counted on this year to protect older brother Arch Manning.


Heid of course is named for his uncle Peyton "Five-Head" Manning-Chesney.
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This is going to be an interesting recruiting battle because what can you get a kid that can’t be bought and will make millions in NIL money. I know he’ll probably go out of state but CEO has to run some sort of sabotage recruiting mission to make sure he stays away from the gumps and the alumni gump head coach at Clemson.
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shite if I was playing center for my brother I’d eat nothing but Taco Bell and I’d be the worst blocker in history. “His arse got saaaaacked!”
Reply27 days
A thick Manning does exist
Reply27 days
I never thought I would see the day when Newman had bigger players than Holy Cross.
Reply27 days
LSU might end up with a Manning after all. It will probably be a shitty Manning but what the hell?
Reply27 days
Why is the quarterback wearing a different color jersey? Non contact games now?
Reply27 days
The video says scrimmage... I think it's probably a scrimmage.
27 days
Man, Arch had a ton of time to throw the ball in all of those throws.
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Reply28 days
Yeah, Heid: hi I’m heid. Chick: eww what? Heid: Heid Manning Chick: panties drop
28 days
I wonder if he's the type to get pissy if people spell it normal...Hyde. People get funky with names expecting others to just know, leaving some kids with a chip on their shoulders about. I had a black girl get pissed I didn't put in apostrophe...grantef I totally misspelled her name without it...but damn yell at your momma. While I'm on this rant...I hate unisex names and people that keep taking typical male names for their daughters. /rant
28 days
Coppers wife’s maiden name
28 days
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