On Wednesday, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart expressed his reservations about how the NIL system is currently working, particularly the "reverse system" of younger players and incoming freshmen making more than established older guys...

"You could say, 'Well, he deserves that,'" Smart said. "Well, he might deserve that if he earns it. If he goes out there and plays, I'm all for taking care of guys that have been part of the program and start and play. It's a reverse system right now, where the bottom coming in is getting rewarded more than the top going out. And that's tough."
This set Shannon Sharpe off on Undisputed...
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jrctiger8423 months
Shannon Sharpe is too stupid to see the future problems with NIL. I have a feeling they will learn soon.
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Corso23 months
ESPN has turned into The View for men. Hateful, ignorant, and unintelligent people with privileged lives bitching about things they are completely uninformed on
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bayoucook23 months
Spit was a flying during this mindless rant...
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gamecockman1223 months
Shannon Sharpe is such a loudmouth dipshit. Can't stand him.
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TouchdownTony23 months
Kirby is spot on. Kirby is like Nick in that he is OK with NIL, just not in its current form. In 1984 with the formation of the CFA after the UGA/OU vs the NCAA, the shite became about money. Its escalated from there. Then you have the bleeding hearts "oh, these kids are being taken advantage of" Total B frickin S. These kids live better than the average American. Free housing, Free medical care, Free meals, quality education for free if they want it. I can see giving them a couple thousand bucks a month to take out their girlfriend or car repairs, going to visit your family, whatever but to be paid millions on top of the millions spent on you as a college athlete is just stupid and it will never work.
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Saint Alfonzo23 months
College football has been completely ruined by the greed of coaches, schools, conferences, television networks, and now players.
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Rex Feral23 months
The networks started it all with the unreal amount of money they dropped on TV contracts. Then the coaches started getting paid too much which led to the players getting paid. College football has turned into a minor league for the NFL. The only way to reverse any of this is to stop supporting the networks that pump all of our money into the system.
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PeleofAnalytics23 months
I'm trying to find the logic here. Is he saying that Kirby's 17 years of experience as a head coach, 7 being at Alabama as the DC winning 4 NCs, and getting paid slightly less than the previous coach is the same situation as some 18 year old recruit, whose only experience is dominating a bunch of HS kids, being paid more than a 20 year old that has 28 starts in the SEC. That is the comparison he is making? I hope he is donating his brain to CTE studies.
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HonoraryCoonass23 months
Every year it gets a lot harder for me to be a college football fan, and that breaks my heart.
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LsuFan_195523 months
I'm with you on this. If we all turn off our TVs, stop going to the games, or we put pressure on the school administrations to enforce regular academic standards, and Thug U. goes away. It really is that simple, and it is up to us, the fans.
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Drizzt23 months
You haven’t been insulted until you’ve been insulted by a horse
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CanebreakCajun23 months
People like Shannon create such division, where there is not any.
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KAGTASTIC23 months
Sharp is a racist that wears the chip on his sleeve.
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Lynxrufus201223 months
Kirby is smart but Shannon is not sharp at all.
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xGeauxLSUx23 months
Yea...first job as a HEAD COACH he made 3.7million. Not gonna mention the other jobs before that? Sharpe is moron!
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Lieutenant Dan23 months
Shannon Sharpe is part of the problem. What a moron.
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SECSolomonGrundy23 months
Shannon Sharpe is a fricking idiot
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Recovered23 months
More than just a idiot. Listen to his podcast ShaShas playhouse or something like that..he’s a race baiting POS..
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