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This cheerleader mom just raised the rival game by using deepfakes to make the other squad look like naked party animals. Points for creativity? This deepfake stuff trouble is only the beginning...

A Pennsylvania mom has been arrested for allegedly creating libelous fake photos of girls on her daughter's cheerleading team.

Raffaela Spone, 50, who hails from the town of Chalfront, was slapped with harassment and cyber harassment charges over the saga late last week.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Spone is accused of creating 'deepfake' photos and videos showing three members of the Victory Vipers cheer squad 'naked, drinking and smoking'.

The newspaper reports that the three girls had fallen out with Spone's daughter and she wanted them booted off the team. ...

Spone allegedly created the deepfakes by 'mapping the victims' social media photos onto other images' in a bid to make them look real.

The mom is then accused of anonymously sending the graphic pictures and videos to the coaches of the cheerleading team.

She also purportedly sent the doctored images directly to the teenage girls, along with message to one of them urging her to 'kill herself'. ...

Detectives traced four phone numbers that had sent the deepfake images and tied them all to a telemarketing website.

They then traced data from that website to an IP address at Spone’s house.

Police say a subsequent search of Spone's phone uncovered the text messages and deepfake images that she had sent to the three victims and the team's coaches.
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user avatar
BamaRoo40 months
With those lips, if she was a fish, plankton would be the main course every day for dinner.
user avatar
football10140 months
Why didn't she "deepfake" them tiny lips? This women can't even suck her own thumb how the hell did she find a husband??
user avatar
bradwieser40 months
That's clearly Tonya Harding
user avatar
oleheat40 months
Didn't this person just get nominated for Biden's assistant secretary of health?
user avatar
ByUselves40 months
So, where are said fake pics posted, I'd like to see some deepfakes!
user avatar
LSUtoBOOT40 months
The skankness is strong in this one.
user avatar
js159140 months
She looks like Hillary. I wonder if she laughed like a maniac when she was caught.
user avatar
Misnomer40 months
Adults should know better than farking around with high school cheerleaders.
user avatar
BowDownToLSU40 months
Poor daughter hopefully she got her dads genes... wolf
user avatar
Corso40 months
She already looks like the leader of a women's prison gang and she hasn't even gone to trial yet
user avatar
Tigerwm2340 months
That’s a dude! Right?
user avatar
Captain Lafitte40 months
She looks like she could be in another Total Recall movie... "Get ready for a surprise!"
user avatar
GoT1de40 months
Her eyelids are bigger than her mouth. Bizaar
user avatar
PetroBabich40 months
That's absolutely horrible. Where would someone post awful photos like that?
user avatar
DVinBR40 months
expected florida, clicked article, saw pennsylvania, was surprised
user avatar
ExpoTiger40 months
Good lord that bitch looks absolutely diabolical
user avatar
Broadside Bob40 months
We like to say, "this thread is useless without pics." Well, this thread would improve 1000% without pics.
user avatar
Passing Wind40 months
user avatar
Trumansfangs40 months
Chalfront, well that explains it all. A town known for firebrands and unruly upstarts !
user avatar
Big EZ Tiger40 months
Looks like she could play a respectable Mama Fratelli in a Goonies remake.
user avatar
Skinny40 months
Her name is Karen and she needs to speak to a manager.
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