During the latest edition of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson's Calm Down podcast,
Thompson shared a racy story from one of her flights...

"You know when you’re sitting next to someone and that screen is so bright, and you can’t help but look over and I don’t want to look over…Now I’m reading the texts,” Thompson said."I’m trying so hard not to look, but now it’s an older individual and there was sexting and pictures. I was like, ‘Oh my god stop looking,’ and then I was like, ‘Wait I want to look. I want to see what’s happening here.'"

"They were sexting on their phone, but the the font was so big…It wasn’t bad but it was enough. Then I looked at the person and was like, maybe I need to spice it up here because there is something going on here with this situation."

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user avatar
Cheese Grits18 months
My sexting game is good, ladies love my ability to text for hours.
user avatar
Spawn18 months
We’ve all seen her bean.
user avatar
TKLSUMD18 months
Don’t hate on grandma.
user avatar
dstone1218 months
Larry, line 2. It’s your father. He says you’re killing him.
user avatar
tigerinthebueche18 months
Where are the effing pics, Larry? You’re killing your father, Larry.
user avatar
bengalman18 months
They were probably pics/videos of Charissa that she didn't know were leaked
user avatar
redfish9918 months
I know what her pics look like. Hit me up gurl I’ll reciprocate
user avatar
gamecockman1218 months
I feel like her and Erin Andrews make up most of their stories just for their podcast.
user avatar
cajunmud18 months
They say a woman's sexual peak is in their 30's, while ours is supposed to be at about 18 (actually 10 - 70).

This sounds like 2 horny, aging chicks fantasizing.

user avatar
Spelt it rong18 months
This makes me feel better about seeing her leaked axe wound
user avatar
Skinny18 months
Now by person next to her on a plane she means her. lol.
user avatar
Damathe18 months
She went mile high hug-a-root.
user avatar
TheTigershark18 months
Didn’t happen
user avatar
JackieTreehorn18 months
And thus Charissa started watching the BBC.
user avatar
summersausage18 months
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere18 months
She saw the cock and turned into the whore she is
user avatar
SECdragonmaster18 months
If this story is true, she should have kept it to herself. Don’t tell anyone else if you are a nosy person.
user avatar
Hangit18 months
Did she spice it up by giving mouth hugs?
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