A fisherman in Hawaii had a real-life "Jaws" moment after a massive shark attacked him while kayaking in the ocean, and the entire death-defying encounter was caught on video...

It all happened on Friday, May 12 ... Scott Haraguchi was out fishing near the Kualoa shore in Honolulu, Hawaii. After catching a fish, he forgot to turn off his GoPro ... and it's a good thing he did.
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(TMZ Sports)
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user avatar
Midget Death Squad13 months
He needs a bigger boat
user avatar
AggieHank8613 months
Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women ....
user avatar
tWildcat13 months
That’s a 20 footer…
user avatar
Honest Tune13 months
Twinny five… three tons of him
user avatar
Jabontik13 months
"and kept on fishing" - now thats dedication
user avatar
surgicalvenom13 months
It sobers you when you see how effortlessly a large shark can move in the water.
user avatar
cajunmud13 months
Damn...the shite on that kayak.
user avatar
LSUMaverick13 months
F**k that shite
user avatar
jjv000413 months
NO thanks.
user avatar
stuntman13 months
My shorts would have had a shart attack.
user avatar
jp4lsu13 months
His feet were hanging over the sides. He is very lucky the shark didn't go for his foot.
user avatar
OGTiger13 months
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…
user avatar
caliegeaux13 months
Shark bait hoo haha
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