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The two guys who were caught stuffing their prized catches with weights to try to win a Lake Erie fishing tournament last October will now have to spend time behind bars over their cheating ways...

According to court records, 43-year-old Jacob Runyan and 36-year-old Chase Cominsky showed up in court to learn their fate at a sentencing hearing in Ohio on Thursday.

Records show that both men were sentenced to 10 days in jail during the proceedings. A judge ruled they would also have to serve 1 1/2 years of probation -- and each was ordered to pay big fines as well.
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BabyTac11 months
Show me a bass tournament, and I’ll show you a bunch of cheaters in NASCAR jerseys.
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deltaland11 months
My dad won one a long time ago by parking the boat on the shore and having his buddy pick him up and go to a creek 10 min away where they always caught bass off the road and caught 5 good ones and took them back to the lake lol
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ThatTahoeOverThere11 months
Why is there a bull dolphin in the thumbnail
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VoxDawg11 months
Glad to see OH using their justice system to its fullest to prosecute the real crimes.
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kciDAtaE11 months
Waste of resources
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ncinthenext311 months
The payout was almost 30K in the tourney theu got caught in. They had won many of those tourneys previously and won the prize money and even a fishing boat. Sounds like they got off easy.
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DoubleDown11 months
Damn, that’s more than most murderers get in this country. Amazing.
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GumboPot11 months
The story is about stuffing Walleyes but the thumbnail to click on this story shows a saltwater Mahi Mahi. LOL.
user avatar
TFH11 months
As opposed to a freshwater Mahi Mahi?
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Purple Spoon11 months
One of them was busted passing fake money shortly after this. Real sleezy guys
user avatar
mmtiger11 months
the guy with the shades - so much raw pride and hypocrisy.
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roguetiger1511 months
These tournaments have big payouts so I’m assuming what they did was fraud and possibly felony fraud
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B1rdman1511 months
“ one in which they each agreed to plead guilty to one felony count of cheating and one misdemeanor count of illegal animal ownership in exchange for officials dropping the other two charges against them.”

Quite literally in the article you didn’t click.
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jbird711 months
I understand that’s cheating but is that really worthy of jail time and probation?
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MCYNitro11 months
I agree they should serve jail time for this. They committed a crime and the biggest sin that could possibly happen in tournament fishing. They should get jail time for that. Kill someone in NYC and you get out the next day and never stand trial. This world is upside down.
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ALhunter11 months
It's the cash prizes.
user avatar
BIGJLAW11 months
Found the guy who hunts at night, LOL.
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