Auburn is updating their shield logo ahead of the 2019-20 season.
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Auburn is updating their shield logo ahead of the 2019-20 season. Per The Spun...

The updated logo uses the old “AU” which saw the “A” and “U” as the same size. Instead of keeping the letters the same size, Auburn decided to emphasize the “A” by making the “U” smaller and overlaying the “A” for a more seamless fit.

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Gezzus Criminy, get out the freaking ruler.
Reply7 days
I never buy anything from Under Armor because they sponsor Auburn and I only buy Nike because they sponsor Bama. I was taught that was how to help your favorite program. Buy from their sponsors.
Reply8 days
They oughta put a huge douche on the helmet
Reply9 days
Reply10 days
It’s more about the efficiency of printing and graphics. Look closely at the shapes and triangles. There is a tiny space between the middle of the A and corner of the U in the old design. New design much more manufacturing friendly. Not meant to notice a change, more to save $$$.
Reply10 days
That’s what’s wrong with the world now. What happened to producing what the customer ordered instead of getting contract then telling customer you can’t produce what he wants unless he lowers his expectations.
10 days
Reply10 days
Yes. This is the last piece of the puzzle we needed to win another national championship. Thanks AU athletic department, you did it!
Reply10 days
You're kidding, right?
Reply10 days
That is unbelievable...
Reply10 days
The only discernible difference I notice is the U is slightly smaller, but I didn't want to waste my time looking any closer cause I don't really care.
Reply10 days
First one looks like a Klansmen doing splits in the air. The 2nd, looks like a Klansmen bathroom sign.
Reply10 days
Toonces > this
Reply11 days
Should have brought U on top of A. Its not University of Auburn.
Reply11 days
That's funny, they actually paid someone to come up with that, typical!!
Reply11 days
It reminds me of when a caterpillar makes a cocoon but then it gets stepped on and there’s nothing left but bug guts.
Reply11 days
This gives me inspiration to request changing my user name from: Stud Bud to Stud Bud
Reply11 days
This is a case of someone tinkering with something to justify their job
Reply11 days
No noticeable improvement. Typical Auburn.
Reply11 days
Wow nobody cares
Reply11 days
Lame. Fitting.
Reply11 days
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