Apparently, Alabama head coach Nick Saban's cell phone number following the College...
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Apparently, Alabama head coach Nick Saban's cell phone number following the College Football Playoff Selection Show. Someone in Florida appears to be to blame...

“I’ve had probably over 250 anonymous callers today, calling me every name in the book, talking about how we shouldn’t be in the playoff,” Saban said, per the report. “So we still have naysayers out there. We still have players who don’t believe in us.”

Saban made the comments during a team banquet, per

“Most of these people are from Florida,” Saban said. “I don’t know how in the hell they got my number, but it is out there.”
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Chip823 months
This a result of Saban ambulance chasing Jordan Travis.

Saban brought this on himself.
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2020Champs3 months
LSU cries every year about refs robbed this and that game. I am sure its all about hating ALABAMA!
user avatar
LSUvet723 months
The SEC refs saw to it Ala. won the game. Kirby knows how that goes as he worked under Satan.
user avatar
PowHound3 months
I'm sure his assistant was pissed having to make a phone call to get coach a new number. Meanwhile I'm guessing Saban appreciated the rat poison. Saban has no fricks to give about energy vampires as he used to call them. lol
user avatar
Geaux Guy3 months
Tebow must be up to this
user avatar
cctiger603 months
why does the midgets hair color always change
user avatar
caliegeaux3 months
He should sit back with his cup of coffee and his little Debbie cakes and send dick pics to each and every one of them.
user avatar
SwampyWaters3 months
Granpa don't like to be disturbed when taking a nap! I'm sure the Florida people were just his new neighbors from his new Jupiter neighborhood!
user avatar
LSU91023 months
Coach, you were at LSU when I graduated. Can you sign my diploma?
user avatar
DoubleDown3 months
"Hello, Jesus, is that you?!"
user avatar
jmarto13 months
I remember calling Tebow's phone
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Beessnax3 months
You have to be a 14 year old on the inside to call someone in this situation just because someone leaked your number.
user avatar
ZZTIGERS3 months
He leaked it himself to show his team people don’t believe in them and they have to prove themselves.
user avatar
burreauxxx3 months
Candi posted it on her OnlyFans
user avatar
Martini3 months
So what is the number?
user avatar
Babewinkelman3 months
user avatar
Nix to Twillie3 months
Deal with it.
user avatar
BobABooey3 months
He’s lying. If they were anonymous, how did he know they were “from Florida”?
user avatar
CanebreakCajun3 months
Area codes?
user avatar
ChoadieMcSmalls3 months
iphone shows the city and state the call is coming from. Guess they don't have iphones in Louisiana
user avatar
JackieTreehorn3 months
Jesus H. Do yall now have area codes in Louisiana or is it some type of French system?
user avatar
keakar3 months
good, frick that elf
user avatar
Signal Soldier3 months
He's actually a warlock who was born on Halloween. That's how he is the goat and gets in the backdoor to playoffs so often
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