Alabama head coach Nick Saban shared his thoughts on College Football Playoff expansion...
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While on The Rich Eisen Show on Friday afternoon, Alabama head coach Nick Saban shared his thoughts on College Football Playoff expansion...
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The CFP has also taken away attention from the conference championships, just like basketball. Ask any Georgia fan what they remember from 2017. Is it winning the conference for the first time in 12 years or losing the CFP title game?
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I fear that if you do away with bowls it will only make the rich that much richer, and the poor or even the middle of the road teams worse off. The bowls still mean something to me, and I don’t think doing away with them serves college football very well. It certainly wouldn’t serve fans well if you do away with the extra games to enjoy at the end of the season. Bad idea IMO.
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Easy fix for that .... bowls should have been done away with at the start of any playoff system. As to player satisfaction it'll be more with a legit playoff resulting in a honest top 10 finish than the popularity poll we have now. And why should a few big towns reap the benefits a small college town could use?
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99 percent of bowl games never mattered anyway. It's tough to get 4 great teams. Anymore is too much. 8 would have 2 and 3 loss teams in and that's worse for the sport. You want to make the playoffs, win your games. I don't give a dam if you win 10 conference championships if u have 2 or 3 losses. U don't belong in the cfp playoffs.
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Dumbass mindset....
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The same people who picked the president should pick the national champion. Why bother with the details?
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Expanded playoff system equals more SEC schools in the playoffs, which guarantees more Natl Championships for the SEC. Of course let’s expand the playoffs!!!
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The same fricking questions over and over. Jesus Christ.
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Not exactly the tone and attitude he gave to Maria Taylor when she asked him a question that he’s already answered a few times.
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The sport can barely field 4 competitive teams with true parity as it is. Expanding is the silliest idea imaginable.
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Its the exact opposite. More teams in the playoffs means more teams can recruit at a higher level which creates more parity.
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The National Championship is a myth. It matters not if it is named by polls, a binary “championship” game, a 4 school playoff, or a 64 school playoff. But Saban is right, the current playoff system has cheapened the tradition and prestige of the former bowl game system and has stolen the luster from dozens of schools and hundreds of players.
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Hard truth. Nothing wrong with CFB being unique.
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Not to mention the teams who miss out on the playoff getting put in these prestigious bowl games only to lay an egg bc they think they should be/would rather be playing in the playoff... a la Georgia, Florida, and others including LSU... But it takes away from the prestige of the bowl game.
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all other bowls are still the same as before, so nothing has been cheapened. And I don’t get the poster’s comment about the championship being a myth. A playoff is how every other team sport crowns their champ. How else would you suggest? And expanding to 8 teams is logical and would create great matchups. Anything beyond 8 teams would be too much.
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