Bojana Jovanovic has a beautiful serve, no.?...(Sigh)
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LSUtiger8913 months
I'm gonna rate that a cake!!!
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Ace Midnight13 months
Height listed at 5'9", but I might have guessed even a little taller.
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theBru13 months
Nice form!
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TigerCoon13 months
All I wanna do when I wake in the morning is see her ass. Bojanna.
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Craw Dawg13 months
Imma help you baws get right to the good stuff IMO on her "gram". Look for these:
1. Vid of Strut/Walk from rear in black jacket and blue onepiece.
2. Vid lifting weights in gym in green/gray outfit.
3. Photos posing in dark gray slinky dress with fence.
4. Photos posing in snakeskin top with light-colored pants.
You're welcome.
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Placekicker13 months
That was a 12!
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Larry Gooseman13 months
Sharp elbows IWNHI
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gamecockman1213 months
More of this please.
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JackieTreehorn13 months
I’d love to make her earn $2 the hard way.
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BamaRoo13 months
Had to check it out a dozen times or so ,
just to make sure it's as described.
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Robber DeNiro13 months
Finally some talent
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WhoDatNC13 months
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Deacon Reds13 months
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Hangit13 months
Bojana fo fanna, you wanna banana, fo fanna, Bojana
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POTUS202413 months
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mjthe13 months
Excellent serve. Thank you Larry!
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TommyDaTiger13 months
He finally found one. BUT you’re still killing your father Larry!
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Geaux Guy13 months
Nice one Larry
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LesnarF513 months
She's got a juicy ass!
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eddieray13 months
I’ll give her some 40-Love
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RummelTiger13 months
It's peachy!
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