Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann had a busy March....

The month of March was definitely special to me. After a long few months of recovering from neck surgery, it felt amazing to be back traveling to tournaments. What an outstanding Sunshine Double month! I definitely feel an extra sense of gratitude, perspective, and motivation to be able to do what I love alongside so many amazing people. Looking forward to all ahead… and clay court season!

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Broadside Bob19 days
How does someone who plays tennis on any level have legs that skinny?
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TFH18 days
She doesn’t. She takes photos holding tennis implements.
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TaderSalad18 days
She can hold my tennis implement
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She wears so much makeup I still haven’t been able to figure out if this chick is black or white yet. Wood either way but in some pics she looks one way and in others she’s the opposite.
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AtlantaLSUfan18 days
In college she was white. Then she found plastic surgery. Only thing about her that looks the same is her name.
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robertgamb19 days
I 2nd that about the no tattoos quite refreshing,and Rachel show us the great rack
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atltiger648719 days
great rack? Those are bolt-ons and look fake as hell.
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Tasseo19 days
I wonder the blonde in the purple skirt in the group pic the same as the one in the blue blouse in a later pic....either way schwing!

Also, it was super refreshing to see a group pic of attractive women with no tattoos in sight.
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Wood suck her tits.
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Jyrdis19 days
Her and that chiefs girl compete for who wears the most makeup.
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4th pic
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Timeoday19 days
A "long few" or a "few long" throws me off everytime.
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SomeLSUguy19 days
I've got some fuzzy balls to serve her whenever she is ready...
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