Lolo Jones continues to be a single girl who has to take her own Instagram bikini pics...

My boyfriend is so good at taking photos

*sets timer
*hits pose

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lsu for the win17 months
She looks like a pirate
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cypresstiger18 months
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Leopold18 months
Don't like the doo rag. Outside of that, still a beautiful woman.
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ThatTahoeOverThere18 months
That's the dude that sings Paradis City.
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CrystalPreserves18 months
Not worthy of the attention you give her. Nobody cares.
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No tits strikes again.
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KAGTASTIC18 months
She needs to retire the arms up hands on her head pose. And work on dat arse more and show it off. Can't be titless and arseless.
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Skinny18 months
Love those hips! She is divine.
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ArkTiger5518 months
Seems like a nice young man.
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Bayoubred18 months
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TigerPaw718 months
Hot, from the neck down.
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Crimson1st18 months
Umm, yeah, that’s it, ummmmmm?
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jatilen18 months
I can’t fap to this
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Ghost of Colby18 months
I’ve been trying for two hours. I think I’ll go to sleep, and try again in the morning.
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