Georgia beat Auburn 28-7 on Saturday night to take home the SEC Championship. The next morning this Bulldogs fan woke up his Auburn fan neighbors at 8:00 a.m. with this celebratory speech via a bullhorn...

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Wakes him up at 8am? What a lazy bitch both those guys are. I am up at 5am and have already run 4-5 miles and looked at 12 pics of Hope Beel by 8am. OK that’s was an exaggeration. I was done by the 1st picture.
Reply9 months
Bwahahaha! Something I would do! Yes I am a a-hole!
Reply10 months
what a shocker....from a fanbase of a school whose #1 cheer is bragging about being a drunk a-hole.
Reply10 months
Would shite on his doorstep at 2am
Reply10 months
Dude was in diapers last time UGA was relevant on the national stage. Let him eat cake.
Reply10 months
That was funny.
Reply10 months
I’m assuming his neighbors had been talking smack. If not, dudes a dbag.
Reply10 months
10 months
What a dick. Glad UGA FINALLY didn't crap the bed in a big game ... let's see what happens in the playoffs. Maybe they should break out the vaunted black jerseys...
Reply10 months
Do you even 2005 bro?
10 months
What an ass
Reply10 months
I loved it. But I'm not a pussy so...
10 months
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