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re: Updated Cord Cutting Thread | Compilation of Set-ups posted in post after OP
Legit or … other sites…

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re: Updated Cord Cutting Thread | Compilation of Set-ups posted in post after OP
I was a YT TV customer for 4 years but I signed up with AT&T Gigabit Fiber at my new apartment in TX and decided to take the bundle with DirecTV Stream

Not even a month in I am already cancelling DirecTV Stream and going back to YouTube TV. Issues I faced:

-Lots of buffering and low resolution pixelated images despite me having the fastest AT&T Fiber service tier there is. I can count on one hand the number of times my YT TV service buffered in the 4 years I had it. Happened dozens of times.

-Broadcasts are behind. I was switching between the LSU and Georgia games the other night and each time I switched games the broadcast would be 10-15 minutes behind. I flipped back to the LSU game and it was still on the 1st drive of the game while the actual game was at the end of the 1st quarter. This happened all day this past Saturday during college football and was super annoying. Also tried to watch Dodgeball on Comedy Central this past Sunday and it was still showing The Office, which aired an hour earlier.

-Always makes me log in, it wouldn't save my credentials. Which is a pain of the arse on a TV remote especially when you need complex passwords. I never had to re-log in once for YouTube TV

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