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Living on a ranch in south Texas far from the city

I have been wanting to post this thread but haven't gotten around to it and wasn't even sure how I would. I am slightly hungover right now and don't care about looking dumb so I figure I will post it now. Feel free to make jokes, I don't care, but hopefully somebody here can give me some perspective.

My family owns a big ranch in south Texas not too far from the border. People that have hunted in south Texas have probably heard of the town (I'm not going to post it to avoid doxing myself). The town is pretty much only known for hunting. My family actually donated around half of the land a couple generations ago to make it bigger, it used to be part of the family ranch.

I grew up in a big city and nobody in my family lives in this town anymore. My mother's generation all live in the same city I grew up in, the generation above them moved to a town north of the small town but still in south Texas.

My family is part Tejano but we are pretty much basically white. The town is at least 90% hispanic. The local schools are about 100% hispanic. They are not illegals, they are Tejanos that have lived in Texas for 100-200 years, like my family.

Would you live in a town like this if you had the family roots? Am I dumb for one day wanting to buy the only house in town that is still owned by a member of my family and live there when I'm older?

I could also live on the ranch I guess. The town isn't tiny and has all the basic necessities more or less. No bowling alley or anything. I have no interest in living in a big city anymore when I turn 30 or so, and I would like to hopefully inherit part of the ranch one day. I probably won't work cattle, I would probably find a job for the government in this town or something and if that isn't feasible I would have to commute for work to a border town.

I know y'all are mostly from Louisiana so maybe can't completely relate but a decent comparison I guess would be if your family had a farm an hour from Lafayette in a town with not much to do.

The hill country in Texas would be a much better place to live in pretty much every way other than the fact I would be hours away from the ranch. I could also live in the closest border town which is more like an actual town/city but it's definitely not as peaceful or safe as the small town is. It's also not really dangerous though, in my opinion.

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My family owns a big ranch in south Texas not too far from the border.

We might be related


My family is part Tejano

Oh never mind

Just go live on the ranch

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Yeah I would be there already. Issue I foresee is finding a woman to live there with you long term.

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I think you need to let me hunt it before I can give an honest opinion.
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I can’t imagine typing that novel coherently while hungover.. have an upvote

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This ain’t the movies my man. History is cool. Family is everything. But you don’t want to live someplace like that and you know it. Quiet, comfortable house in affluent suburbs. That’s what you want. That’s what everybody wants.

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I would love to live on a ranch, just not that close to the border

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I despise Texas but I would live in Texas on a giant ranch. No neighbors, water, electricity and high speed internet?

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Are you married? Kids? I might have gotten bored with that pretty quickly when I was under 30. I'd be fine with it now assuming I could make a decent living.

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Yes, I would do it. Bet you are close to Big Bend. Ditto on "good luck finding a woman to live there long term", though.

Years ago, I met an old cowboy in Terlingua who told me he didn't even own a tv. His kids never saw one until they were in their late teens, and he was saying how great they turned out without all the outside world bull shite.
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Get you a lil senorita and live there. You don't need to make a lot of money to live in small towns. If you need to make more you could lease your land to cattle farmers.

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Would you live in a town like this if you had the family roots?

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The biggest issue (especially as you are older) is access to a doctor/ER/ambulance etc.

That far out if something bad happens you can be SOL. Just depends on how you prioritize healthcare access as you age

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No bowling alley or anything

Would have to think hard...

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This sounds awesome OP

A simple life can be enough

I grew up helping my dad tend to cattle and mending fences and it’s some of my fondest memories

If you were to come in my home, you’d see all the artwork I have of Barns and cows. It has stuck with me for many years later

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but it's definitely not as peaceful or safe as the small town is.

This was your only mistake. You don’t need the extra linking verb on the end of the sentence.

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No hay lobos alli?

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Do it

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I would honestly love that. Lots of land to roam on horseback, deep roots in the community, etc.

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If you were to come in my home, you’d see all the artwork I have of Barns and cows. It has stuck with me for many years later

Are you the president of Mesa Verde?

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