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What is your favorite piece of LSU memorabilia you own?

Posted on 2/27/24 at 12:40 pm
Posted by Cherry Cheesecake
Prairieville, LA
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 12:40 pm
About a decade ago a friend of mine was on the equipment staff with LSU and was tasked with getting rid of the two goals from the PMAC back when they did some court renovations around 2012. Instead of tossing them, I was able to talk him into hooking me up with one of the backboards.

It had been sitting in my shed for almost a decade, not being sure of what I wanted to do with it. But then my last goal ended up tipping over and shattering last year when a very strong storm came through. So I finally started asking around and found a friend of a friend who was willing to fabricate a steel pole and build a custom bracket to mount it up on. Another buddy and I just finished up getting it fully mounted today by my driveway!

Not sure how long this backboard had been used in the PMAC, but I have been trying to figure out who the most famous player that has played on it (to tell my kids). One of the first names to come to mind was Anthony Davis (most likely). If anybody can think of a bigger name, let me know!

Posted by Tiger Ugly
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 12:48 pm to
Framed pic of Mike the Tiger Stepping out of Tiger Stadium.
Posted by GMoney2600
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 12:56 pm to
Jason Spadoni jersey
Posted by jevins_slickin
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 12:59 pm to
Signed football by joe burrow and coach o after the 2019 national championship year.

Posted by WHS
walker LA.
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:00 pm to
Framed picture and autograph from Lionel Turner sacking Jason White in the 2003 national Championship game.
Posted by 91TIGER
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:06 pm to
This helmet signed by the Ruston Rifle Bert Jones

Posted by atxfan
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:07 pm to
Game jersey from the 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl. Co-SEC Champs with an 8-4 record but the jersey just says SEC Champions.
Posted by public_enemy
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:07 pm to
Framed and autographed Joe burrow pocture with “19 Heisman” written by him as well.

Also have a Burrow, Jefferson, Chase, CEH and Phillips jersey that I’m looking to sell
Posted by geauxbrown
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:12 pm to
Signed Billy Cannon helmet.
Posted by SouthEndzoneTiger
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:12 pm to
I have the baseball natty posters from the Advocate. 91 signed by Patterson, 93 by Laxton, 96 by Morris, 97 by Thompson, 00 by Cresse, and 09 by Coleman. All are matted and framed identically. My wife bought me the 23 poster and had it matted and framed like my others. I don't have the heart yet to tell her it's coming out of the frame once I get the opportunity to have it autographed by Skenes, Crews, White, etc.
Posted by Tvilletiger
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:18 pm to
I have Cecil Collins signed jock strap game worn.
Posted by TigerKurt
Kenner, LA
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:23 pm to
1997 championship baseball signed by the whole team.
Posted by thumperpait
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:23 pm to
I don't have much except a lot of usual stuff. But years ago, my church had a auction for charity. I won a bid for billy cannon signed picture for 50 bucks. The following week he came to the area signing for free. but at least the money went to a good cause.

I did get a really nice burreaux jersey before nil and him getting the rights to it.
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Posted by Monty Brewster
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:25 pm to
I collect autograph LSU cards.

I have 3 Billy Cannon autograph cards, PSA graded 10, 10 and 9.

PSA graded and autographed Chase, Jefferson, Terrace Marshall, CEH, Burrow (Bengals), Thad Moss, Jabril Cox, Kevin Faulk. Waiting on a Nussmeier and Nabers to come back from PSA.

And raw autographs (the ungraded cards), pretty much everyone except BTJ and Odell. Cade York, Stingley, Cecil, Booger, Steltz, Randle, Doucet, Josh Reed, Rohan, Hester, etc.

How do you guys post pictures in the thread so easily?
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Posted by Old Money
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:29 pm to
Not a big autograph guy but I have a signed Bengals Chase jersey. Close enough
Posted by J2thaROC
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:38 pm to
Signed Joe Burrow jersey.
Posted by GeauxtigersMs36
The coast
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:46 pm to
1949 lsu ole miss ticket stub
Posted by Morpheus
In your Dreams
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:48 pm to
A simple “Bring Back the Magic” patch givin to me by a friend.
Didn’t mean much at the time to me because in the late 90’s I was never around for the magic before to even know we had any other than stories.
It sure does now and the magic was even greater than the OG magic since then.

*Side note, since we are talking memorabilia.
Mine are original MJs given to my father by my grandfather who was a shoe distributor in Asia.
Anywho the shoes of course are red and black and maybe a little to much for my dad at the time in his early 40’s so really never wore them.
I keep them on a shelf.
Of course they have aged naturally with material breaking down but still in decent shape.
No telling how much I could get for them because good luck finding some.
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Posted by Mahood
Fort Mill, SC
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:49 pm to
Some tiger band shite
Posted by TigerGM
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 1:51 pm to
Baseball signed by everyone from the 2023 National Championship team.
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